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You have been searching for us without knowing it, following oblique 
references in crudely xeroxed marginal "samisdat" publications, crackpot mystical 
pamphlets, mail order courses ... a paper trail and a coded series of rumors 
spread at street level ... and the propagation of certain acts of insurrection 
against the Planetary Work Machine and the Consensus Reality ... or perhaps 
through various obscure mimeographed technical papers on the edges of "chaos 
science" ... through pirate computer networks ... or even through pure 
synchronicity and the pursuit of dreams. 

In any case we know something about you, your interests, deeds and 
desires, works and days ... and we know your address. 

Otherwise... you would not be reading this brochure... 

The Incunabula Papers: Ong's Hat and 
Other Gateways to New Dimensions 

Ong's Hat - The Beginning 

by Joseph Matheny 

Copyright © 2002 Joseph Matheny 

Digital edition by Hukilau/{Wildcard} (trans] [media] 

© 2011 • 

ISBN 0-9678162-2-X. CIP 99-0911110 

LOC Control Number: 2002107576 

All rights reserved. 

Incunabula: Ong's Hat by Joseph Matheny is licensed undera Creative 
Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International 


It is often said that life is stranger than fiction. Indeed, I can attest to that. 
However, how strange life can truly become when the lines between "truth" and 
"fiction" blur like a fractal basin boundary. Is reality elastic? Is the future co- 
creative? Can the endless possibility waves and bifurcation points along the 
seemingly linear flow of day-to-day life be codified and transmogrified? All good 
questions and my observations, experiments, and results over the last 20 years 
seem to point to the answer... maybe. Now, right now, you may be saying, after 
20 years all he concluded was maybe? To which I answer, "I wasn't even sure of 
that when I began." Therefore the very possibility implied in the "maybe' warrants 
further research. That in itself is good news. 

What are the Incunabula/Ong's Hat documents and where did they come 
from? That's an interesting question and one I ask myself quite often. You see, 
even people who are neck deep into the Ong's Hat enigma can't quite answer 
that. So, where did this all come from? 

Here are the facts as I know them: 

Where is Ong's Hat? 

It will be interesting to backtrack and let everyone know what little historical 
facts have been gathered about the remote and enigmatic location in the Pine 
Barrens of southern New Jersey known as Ong's Hat. It appears on some state 
maps but not on others. The designation appears just under thirty miles east of 
Philadelphia, just north of New Jersey State Highway 70. There, you will find 
Ong's Hat Road and a bar in a little triangle. If you're lucky (and buy a round), 
some of the people in the bar might tell you some strange stories about the area. 

The Pine Barrens themselves have always been a mysterious and enigmatic 
location. It was settled in the pre-revolutionary days and eventually included 
Hessians, the German soldiers paid by the British, who did not desire to return to 
their Germanic homeland. You may recall the headless horseman was a 
Hessian, but I digress. 

What little there is to learn of the history of Ong's Hat comes from Henry Beck 
who penned a book in 1936 entitled Forgotten Towns of Southern New Jersey. At 
that time, Ong's Hat had appeared on maps and been around for over a century, 
but no one had ever taken it too seriously. Mr. Beck took a photographer, a 
"State Editor" and traveled to the region and interviewed what remaining natives 
were left in the area that had been designated as Ong's Hat. According to them, 
the name originated from a young man whose last name was "Ong." Mr. Ong 

was quite a dancer who captivated the ladies with his smooth moves and 
fashionable and shiny high silk hat. At that particular time, the little village 
consisted only of small houses and a dance hall. There was also a clearing 
where semipro prizefights were held. It seemed that one Saturday night, Mr. Ong 
snubbed one of his female partners at which point she took the hat from his head 
and deliberately stamped upon it in the middle of the dance floor. Another 
account picks up the story at this point but offers a little more information. It was 
said that Mr. Ong, who was quite inebriated at the time, tossed his distinguished 
hat into a tree in the center of the village. There, it stood in the tree, unreachable 
and battered. It hung there amidst the rain and wind for many months. At some 
point, the little town acquired the name of Ong's Hat. 

The Ong's Hat Ashram story, as told in the following chapters, seems to 
trace its roots back to the beginning of the Second World War. During the early 
days post Pearl Harbor, America suddenly found itself in the position of having its 
eastern seaboard invaded by German U-Boats and its western seaboard invaded 
by Japanese submarines. Feeling behind in the race, so to speak, the military 
industrial complex was born and given carte blanche to proceed with any means 
necessary to get on top of the ball. From this initiative came many "secret 
projects". The military got its brain power for a lot of these programs from 
Princeton University which is located very near Ong's Hat. Read the bestselling 
book, "A Beautiful Mind' for a deep look into that group of unique minds. Also, 
see the opening chapters to Neal Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon" for more 

John Tukey was one of the many Renaissance minds that wandered in and 
out of the many official and unofficial groups that formed and reformed with the 
regularity and fluidity of a Temporary Autonomous Zone. John Tukey attracted 
international attention for his studies in mathematical and theoretical statistics 
and their applications to a wide variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. 
He led the way in the now-burgeoning fields of Exploratory Data Analysis and 
Robust Estimation, and his contributions to the Spectrum Analysis of Time Series 
and other aspects of Digital Signal Processing have been widely used in 
engineering and science. He has been credited with coining the word "bit", a 
contraction of "binary digit", which refers to a unit of information, often as 
processed by a computer. 

In addition to strong continuing interests in a wide variety of areas of 
statistical philosophy, techniques and application, Tukey was active in improving 
the access of the scientist to scientific literature, particularly through the 
development of citation and permutation indices to the literature of statistics and 

Looking at an 1 1 April 1984 interview with John Tukey, we see this strange 


Tucker: Wallman ended up as a professor of electric techniques at the 
Chalmers Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he is now retired. He wrote a 
book with Witold Hurewicz on dimension theory. 

Tukey: It was intellectually about as strong a group as you are likely to find. 

Tucker: Wasn't Stone in this group? 

Tukey: Arthur, yes. When did Arthur come? He must have been here by 
'39. Arthur, Dick Feynman, Bryant Tuckerman— who went to IBM— and I were the 
people who invented hexaflexagons... 

Tucker: Was it that group that used the pseudonym "Pondiczery"? 

Tukey: Yes, but with a somewhat broader reference. 

Aspray: For what purpose? 

Tukey: Well, the hope was that at some point Ersatz Stanislaus Pondiczery 
at the Royal Institute of Poldavia was going to be able to sign something ESP 
RIP. Then there's the wedding invitation done by the Bourbakis. It was for the 
marriage of Betty Bourbaki and Pondiczery. It was a formal wedding invitation 
with a long Latin sentence, most of which was mathematical jokes, three quarters 
of which you could probably decipher. Pondiczery even wrote a paper under a 
pseudonym, namely "The Mathematical Theory of Big Game Hunting" by H. 
Petard which appeared in the Monthly. There were also a few other papers by 

Tucker: Moulton, the editor of the Monthly at that time, wrote to me saying 
that he had this paper and the envelope was postmarked Princeton and he 
assumed that it was done by some people in math at Princeton. He said he 
would very much like to publish the paper, but there was a firm policy against 
publishing anything anonymous. He asked if I, or somebody else that he knew 
and could depend on, would tell him that the authorship would be revealed if for 
any reason it became legally necessary. I did not know precisely who they were, 
but I knew that John [Tukey] was one of them. He seemed to be in the thick of 
such things. John agreed that I could accept Moulton's terms. I sent a letter with 
this assurance to Moulton and he went ahead and published it. Which I thought 
was very flexible on ... 

Tukey: Somebody with a high principle. Pondiczery's official residence was 
in Ong's Hat, New Jersey which is a wide place in the road going southeast from 

Pemberton, but it does appear on some road maps. There is a gas station that 
has a sign out about Ong's Hat. 

Aspray: But no sign for Pondiczery? 

Tukey: No sign for Pondiczery. Spelled c-z-e-r-y, by the way. Not like the 
area of India, Pondicherry, which is spelled c-h. Anyway, this was a good group, 
and I enjoyed its existence. I learned a lot from dinner table conversations. What 
was the name of our algebraist friend, a quiet soul who was around at that time? 

To continue, further research into this area shows that the area of Ong's Hat was 
a popular weekend spot for the Princeton groups and has been used in a 
histiographic metafictional sense in this very context by Neal Stephenson, in his 
seminal work, Cryptonomicon. Keep the concept of the Ong's Hat Rod and Gun 
Club in your mind as you read this material (cited in the following chapters) and 
then think back to this sequence of clues when you encounter it. I think you will 
be able to put together the connection between a "Rod and Gun" club in Ong's 
Hat with the Princeton "weekender" phenomena and Tukey's "dinner club" 
reference above for yourself. 

So what does this mean? Well, it would seem to indicate that a group of 
scientists that were working on many secret projects wrote papers under 
pseudonyms and used the now deserted New Jersey Pine Barren Town of Ong's 
Hat as a "residence" address for this endeavor. Why would they do such a thing? 
In an interview I did with a man who claimed to have been a young technical 
writer for one of these teams (name withheld by request), some of the projects 
that the budding U.S. Military Industrial Complex were sponsoring may have, in 
the mind of the scientists, gotten into ethical "gray areas". Torn between duty to 
country and responsibility to the future of humankind, they "leaked" certain 
information to the general populace using the "fictional" character method. That 
they chose Ong's Hat for the residence of their fictional characters will become 
more suspicious as we progress. Also, the fact is that a big part of this team's 
focus was on cryptography and the cracking of the Enigma codes. During World 
War II, one of these people, Alan Turing, served with the British "Government 
Communication Headquarters" (GCHQ) at Bletchley Park where he played a 
significant role in breaking the German Enigma codes. There, he used a machine 
called Colossus to decipher the Enigma codes. These machines were the 
predecessors to the first digital computers. 

The scholastic sources that this amorphous and shadowy group drew upon, 
and the method of sending messages into the noosphere, within a coded 
document, will become even clearer later in this chapter. This method employs 
the technology known as memes as its primary force. Memes are patterns of 
information that behave like viruses. The science of memetics studies the 

replication, mutation, and carriers of memes. Many scientists consider memes to 
be actual living things that "ride" in the nervous systems of human beings, and 
hibernate in books, computer disks, etc. Examples of memes include catchy 
commercial jingles, the concept of money, political beliefs, and art styles. Certain 
memes, such as teenage cultural fads, are very susceptible to mutation, while 
others, such as the major religions, have hit evolutionary dead-ends and hardly 
change from decade to decade. Some memes, like fire building techniques, are 
beneficial to their host, while others are toxic to their host, such as the kamikaze 
and Jim Jones memes. Oxford zoologist Richard Dawkins coined the term meme 
in his 1 976 book, The Selfish Gene. For now, hold those concepts as floating- 
point integers in your mind. 

So, how does this all tie into the book catalog and the brochure? 

My first encounter with Incunabula: A Catalog of Rare Books, Manuscripts & 
Curiosa came about through serendipity. I was living in Santa Cruz, California at 
the time and lived in a wonderful and affordable apartment building on a hill 
overlooking the beach. When I moved in, I discovered that former Millbrook, 
Esalen, UCSC, and ISC alumni were the primary inhabitants of the complex. 
Among these were Nina Graboi, former assistant to Timothy Leary at the 
Millbrook Institute in Duchess County New York, and assistant to UCSC Chaos 
Mathematician Ralph Abraham; Robert Forte, friend and associate of Albert 
Hoffman, the inventor of LSD 25; and a plethora of similar "counter-culture" 

321 Second Street acted as a nexus point for me. Nina was fond of 
entertaining various counter-culture figures as they came through central 
California in her "parlor" giving me ample exposure to said guests 

One of the people I admired the most from this scene was a person who 
has requested that I withhold his name, so we'll call him "Bob". Bob was a 
brilliant physicist who possessed a twisted sense of humor that I personally found 
palatable. He intrigued me for several reasons: he was funny and intelligent as 
hell, he had incredible stories about being convinced to walk out on the his life as 
a scientist at Lawrence Livermore Labsdue to an encounter with a "dimensional" 
being, and his involved with the Metaphase Typewriter experiments, coincidently 
with done in conjunction with Nick Herbert, who will come into our story later. 

The Metaphase Typewriter was a Quantum-uncertain text generator open for 
mediumistic possession by discarnate spirits. 

The experiments text output was created on a quantum-random typewriter 
overlain with second-order English language statistics. The "metaphase 
typewriter" was part of a project carried out by members of the Consciousness 

Theory Group to build machines to communicate with disembodied spirits, 
including spirits of the dead, and beings from other dimensions or dissociated 
fragments of living personalities. Imagine, all of this happening at Lawrence 
Livermore! The 60s were certainly a lively time for pure science! 

Ordinary awareness is one of the biggest mysteries of our age: scientists 
are totally baffled by the fact that humans enjoy "inner experience" along with 
their behavior and are at a loss to explain the origin of this experience although 
much progress has been made in explaining the behavior. One small group of 
mind scientists believes that mind is a quantum effect and that disembodied 
entities (which might be called "souls") manipulate the body by willfully causing 
quantum possibilities to become actual. In this view mind enters the body from 
outside (a philosophical position known as "dualism") by operating on certain 
quantum-uncertain parts of the nervous system. 

For centuries, special people have claimed to be possessed by discarnate 
beings, spirits of the dead, beings from other planets or higher dimensions. 
Members of the Consciousness Theory Group felt that there was something 
vaguely unethical about possessing an already occupied body and wondered if 
they could create an empty "consciousness-friendly" vessel and invite wandering 
souls to occupy it. 

In the early 1970's Nick Herbert (SCM Corp) and Dick Shoup (Xerox 
PARC), along with "Bob", designed and built the first "metaphase" devices- 
quantum operated machines that produced text (metaphase typewriter) and 
speech (quantum metaphone). They used for their quantum-uncertain source a 
quantity of radioactive Thallium monitored by a Geiger counter. They looked at 
the INTERVALS between Geiger counter clicks and printed a probable letter if 
that interval was very probable, printed an improbable letter if that interval was 
improbable (much longer than average, for instance). They obtained the second- 
order English language statistics from an unclassified NSA document available to 
the public. 

The metaphase typewriter was operated under several curious conditions 
without much success. They invited several famous and not-so-famous psychics 
to try to influence the endless stream of random anagrams flowing from the 
typewriter or to cause the ghostly voice from the quantum metaphone to make 
sense in some known language. They held seances to evoke the spirits of 
colleagues who had recently died and who knew about the typewriter, and they 
held an all-day seance on the 100th anniversary of Harry Houdini's birth to try to 
contact the spirit of this great magician. 

For the next step in metaphase research, they proposed building quantum- 
driven communicators that are more consciousness-friendly than radioactive 

sources, devices that are more similar in size, operation and energy to the 
(purportedly) quantum synapses in human nervous systems. These devices, 
called "Eccles Gates" after Nobel laureate Sir John Eccles, one of the chief 
champions of quantum consciousness, would be composed of an array of 
quantum-uncertain silicon switches as much like the meat-based synaptic 
switches in our brains. (Update: In 2014 IBM announced a chip similar in design 
to this proposal). 

In the MPT experiments, I saw a mechanically scientific application of my 
own theories on the construction of a what I called a "living book. In my living 
book theories, later to be called The Metamachine for short, which I will expound 
upon these in my next book, Game Overl Bob saw an element that the MPT had 
been missing: namely, the human interface and connection to the collective 
unconscious that seems to make this kind of stuff work. Also, with the results of 
the MPT experiment, I had methods, proofs, and failures to base the 
mathematical models I was using as the framework for my Living Book 
experiment. These early experiments were much later to be adapted into the 
storytelling methods now known as Alternate Reality Gaming and Transmedia. 
But I digress. 

One day in my apartment, where Bob and I were smoking hash while 
deliberating the connections between the Quantum models for consciousness 
and a particular passage in James Joyce's Ulysses, Bob stopped me and pulled 
out a sheaf of Xeroxed papers from his bag. 

"Ever see these?" he asked. 

I picked up the papers and looked them over. "No," I replied. "Where did you 
get them?" 

"Someone sent them to Felicia, anonymously," he replied. Felicia was a 
media producer friend of ours from Marin County. 

I looked them over. Upon first glance it appeared to be a fringe science 
catalog, selling books. I pointed to my bookshelves. 

"I have tons of this kind of stuff. I've been collecting fringe science 
pamphlets and booklets for years." 

I then went to my bookshelf and pulled out a newly acquired copy of High 
Weirdness by Mail. I threw it down on the table. 

"Look, someone even did a compendium of all the weird shit you can send 
away for," I said. "Collecting this kind of stuff is a fairly popular wacko pastime." 

He snickered in the strange way that he had when he was being cryptically 
funny. "So Joe, the fact that you have an index and vast collection of this stuff on 
your bookshelf makes you one of the Alpha wackos?" 

I laughed. "Yeah, I guess so!" 

He pointed back to the catalog on the table. "Nick Herbert is implicated in 
this. It says he wrote some book that was suppressed. He told me he doesn't 
remember writing it until he read about it in here, but now he's beginning to 
question if he did...." 

We both stood comfortably silent as only the stoned can and stared at the 
catalog for a while. 

A few days later, I was at a party at the Soundmotion Garden studios and I 
cornered Felicia, partly because I was genuinely interested in the origin of the 
catalog and partly because I thought Felicia was a total "hotty" (Californian for 
very attractive). 

"Hey, did you get a weird Xerox catalog of science books and give it to 
Bob?" I asked. 

"Oh, yeah, that. Yeah," she said. 
"Where did it come from?" I asked. 

"No idea, it came without a return address. How did you get it?" she replied. 
"Bob..." I answered. 

"Oh, yeah. Funny how all the books in that catalog are on your shelf, huh? I 
thought it might be from you..." she said smiling coyly. 

"Nope," I said. "I see how you could think that, but no." 

I went inside where Bob was sitting in an overstuffed chair, holding wacko court 
as usual, with several Mondoids (followers of the radical publication Mondo 
2000). I pulled him aside. "Still have that catalog you showed me the other day?" 
I asked. 

"Yeah," he said as he reached into his bag and handed it to me. "Here. You can 
have it. I figure it's more up your alley." 

I rolled it up and put it into my back pocket. I looked out the window and saw 
several college girls who had showed up disrobing to enter the hot tub. I went 
back out to the deck and forgot about the catalog in my pocket for several days. 

Days later, I pulled the catalog from my pocket as I prepared my pile of dirty 
clothes for the laundry. I read it as I waited for my laundry to finish. I was 
stunned. This was so clever! Someone had actually disguised a brilliant series of 
short stories as a crackpot book catalog! As a fan of Xerox crackpot lit, I could 
fully appreciate the methodology involved. I ran off copies on a Xerox machine 
and gave them to several people. Eventually, along with a friend who owned a 
mail order conspiracy book company, I sold up a "Xerox for cost" edition. 
Individuals or other catalog companies ordered sets and that Xeroxed to order. I 
estimate that we distributed thousands of copies like this. Later, when I began to 
look into the background and origins of the material, I discovered that this was no 
"joke" and, in fact, may represent a signal that is being transmitted in many 
different forms, whose full purpose I am yet to fully comprehend. 

As you hear the documents read, bear in mind that the catalog is not really 
a catalog; the brochure is not really a brochure. They are clever "enigma" codes 
that carry powerful symbolism, and a powerful message, which are merely 
disguised as a catalog and brochure. 

Look no further than today's popular media to see the signal as it is picked up. 
A frequency, a signal, a message in a bottle? 
Joseph Matheny 

From somewhere in the Pine Barrens of New Jeresy 

This catalog is a reproduction. This is not a commercial advertisement. 
Consider this an unusually complete bibliography to the story that unravels in the 
companion documents. Read this like a series of short stories and you will agree 
with us that it is in fact a coded message and not a book catalog at all. 


A Catalogue of Rare Books, Manuscripts & Curiosa 
Conspiracy Theory Frontier Science & Alternative Worlds 
Emory Cranston, Prop. 

Incunabulum/cocoon/swaddling clothes/cradle/ incunae, in the 
cradle/koiman, put to sleep/winding-sheet/koimetarium (cemetery)/printed books 
before 1501 , hence by extension any rare & hermetic book... 


No book for sale here was actually printed before 1 501 , but they all answer 
to the description "rare and hermetic" — even the mass market paperbacks, not 
to mention the Xeroxes of unpublished manuscripts, which cannot be obtained 
from any other source! 

The symbol INCUNABULA was chosen for our company for its shape- 
cocoon; egg-like, gourd-like — the shape of Chaos according to Chaung Tzu. 
Cradle: beginings. Sleep: dreams. Silken white sheets of birth and death; books, 
white pages, the cemetery of ideas. 

This catalogue has been put together with a purpose: to alert YOU to a vast 
cover up, a conspiracy so deep that no other researcher has yet become aware 
of it (outside certain Intelligence circles, needless to say!) — and so dangerous 
that the "winding sheet" imagery in our title seems quite appropriate; we know of 
at least two murders so far in connection with this material. 

Unlike other conspiracy theories, such as Hollow Earth, Men In Black, cattle 

mutilation, UFO, Reich & Tesla or what have you, the INCUNABULA Theory 
harmonizes with genuine frontier quantum mechanics and chaos mathematics, 
and does not depend on any quack nostrums, psuedoscience or ESP for proof. 
This will become clear to anyone who takes the trouble to read the background 
material we recommend and offer for sale. 

Because of the unprecedented nature of the INCUNABULA File we have 
included short descriptions of some of the books, pamphlets, flyers, privately — 
circulated or unpublished manuscripts, ephemera & curiosa available through us. 
Some of this is highly inflammable and sexual in nature, so an age statement 
must be included with each order. 

Cash (or stamps) only. No cheques or money orders will be accepted. 

Thank You, 

Emory Cranston, Prop. 

1. Wolf, Fred Alan 

Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds 
(New York, Simon & Schuster, 1988) 

Written by a scientist for non-scientists, simplistic and jokey, makes you feel 
a bit talked-down-to. Nevertheless Wolf uses his imagination (or other scientist's 
imaginations) so well he seems to hit accidentally on certain truths - (unless he 
knows more than he reveals). For example: the parallel universes must have all 
come into being simultaneously "at the beginning" in order for quantum 
uncertainty to exist, because there was no observer present at the Big Bang, thus 
no way for the Wave Function to collapse and produce one universe out of all the 
bubbles of possibility (p. 174). If an electron can disappear in one universe and 
appear in another (as suggested by the Everett/Wheeler material), a process 
called "quantum tunneling", then perhaps information can undergo a similar 
tunneling effect. Wolf suggests (p. 176) that this might account for certain "psychic 
phenomenon, altered states of awareness", even ghosts and spirits! Actual travel 
between worlds must of course involve tunneling by both electrons AND 
information — any scientist would have predicted as much — but the mention of 
"altered states" of consciousness is extremely revealing\ Elsewhere (p. 204), Wolf 
speculates that a future "highly developed... electronic form of biofeedback" will 
allow us to observe quantum effects in the electrons of our own bodies, making 
the enhanced consciousness and the body itself a "time machine" (which is what 
he calls a device for travel between universes). He comes so close to the truth 
then shies away! For instance (p. 199) he points out that the Wave Function has a 
value BETWEEN zero and one until it collapses. If the wave function does not 
collapse, the "thing" it describes exists in two universes simultaneously. How 
strange of him not to mention that fractal geometry also deals with values 
between zero and one! As we know the secret of travel between worlds is rooted 

in the marriage of quantum and chaos, particularly in the elusive mathematics of 
fractal tesseracts (visualize a 4-dimension Mandelbrot Set — one of the simplest 
of the trans-dimensional "maps" or "catastrophic topologies"). Wolf appears so 
unaware of this, we must sadly conclude that he's not part of the conspiracy. 

Particularly interesting — and not found in any other material — are Wolf's 
speculations about schizophrenia. Are schizophrenics receiving information from 
other worlds? Could a schizoid observer actually observe (in the famous double 
slit experiments) a wave becoming two particles and then one particle? Or could 
such an observation be made by an extremely blank and simple-minded watcher 
(a sort of Zen simpleton perhaps)? If so, the perfect subject for parallel-worlds 
experiments would be a paradoxically complex simpleton, a "magnetized 
schizophrenic" who would be aware of the split into two worlds which occurs 
when a quantum measurement is made. Oddly enough, such a mental state 
sounds very close to the "positive schizophrenia" of certain extreme psychedelic 
experiences as well as the meditation-visualization exercises of actual travelers 
between worlds. 

Despite its flaws, an essential work. 

2. Herbert, Nick 

Quantum Reality 

A masterful and lucid exposition of the different versions of reality logically 
describable from various interpretations of quantum mechanics. The 
Everett/Wheeler Theory is here given the clearest explanation possible in lay 
persons terms, given the authors awareness (at the time) of experimental 

3. ibid. 

Faster Than Light: Superluminal Loopholes in Physics 

Some of the theorists who touch on the Many-Worlds "hypothesis" place too 
much emphasis on time distortions and the implication of "time travel". These of 
course seem present in the theorems, but in practice have turned out (so far) to 
be of little consequence. Chaos Theory places much more emphasis on the 
temporal directionality than most quantum theory (with such exceptions as R. 
Feynman and his "arrow of time"), and offers strong evidence for the past- 
present-future evolution that we actually experience. As K. Sohrawardi puts it, 
"the universe is in a state of Being, true, but that state is not static in the way 
suggested by the concept of 'reversibility' in Classical physics. The 'generosity' of 
Being, so to speak, is becoming, and the result is not reversibility but multiplicity, 

the immeasurable resonant chaos — like fecundity of creation." Nevertheless, 
Herbert's second book is a brilliant speculative work — and it led him directly to a 
certain circle of scientists and body of research concerned with dimensional 
travel, rather than "time travel", with the result that his third book (see next item) 
finally struck pay-dirt. 

4. "Jabir ibn Hayaan" (Nick Herbert). 

Alternate Dimensions 

(publication suppressed by Harper & Row,1989) 
bound uncorrected galleys, 179pp. 

While working on Faster Than Light Herbert came into contact with one of 
the "travel cults" operating somewhere in California, perhaps one with a sufiistic 
slant ("Jabir ibn Hayaan" was a famous 10th century sufi alchemist); according to 
the preface of Alternate Dimensions, which is irritatingly vague and suggestive, 
this group seems to have trained him and sent him on at least one trip to 
America2. Herbert suggests that he already had so much experience of altered 
states of consciousness and ability to visualize complex space/time geometries 
that only a minimum of "initiatic" training proved necessary. 

In any case, despite its vagueness and brevity, this book is the most 
accurate and thoroughly-informed work on travel between worlds in our entire 
collection. So far we have been unable to obtain any deep theoretical work, and 
only a few papers dealing with practical aspects — but Herbert provides a 
magnificent overview of the entire field. Written for the lay person, with his usual 
clear and succinct approach to theory, Herbert's is the first "popular" study to 
make all the basic links: the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis, Bell's Theorem, the E/R 
Bridge, fractal geometry and chaos math, cybernetically-enhanced biofeedback, 
psychotropic and shamanic techniques, crystallography, morphogenetic field 
theory, catastrophe topology, etc. 

Of course he's strongest in discussing the quantum aspects of travel, less 
sure when dealing with the math outside his field, and most inspiring when 
describing (pp. 98-101) visualization techniques and "embodied ecstasy (ex- 
stasis, "standing outside" the body; hence embodied ecstasy paradoxically 
describes the trans-dimensional experience). 

Herbert makes no claim to understand the traveling itself, and goes so far 
as to suggest that even the (unnamed) pioneers who made the first 
breakthroughs may not have completely understood the process, any more than 
the inventor of the steam engine understood Classical physics (p. 23). This 
definitely ties in with what we know about the persons in question. 

Unfortunately the six illustrations promised in the table of contents are not 

included in the galleys — one of them was a "Schematic for a Trans-dimensional 
Express" which might be worth killing for! — and the publishers claim that 
Herbert never supplied the illustrations. They refuse to say why they suspended 
publication of Alternate Dimensions and in fact at first denied ever having 
handled such a title! Moreover Herbert has apparently dropped out of sight; if he 
hasn't met with foul play, he may have returned permanently to Earth2. 

We regret having to sell copies of a flawed book for such an outrageous 
price; we'd like to publish a mass-market edition affordable by all — but if Harper 
& Row ever find out what we're doing, we'll need the money for court costs and 
lawyers' fees! So get it while you can — this is THE indispensable background 
work for understanding the Conspiracy. 

5. Thomsen, Dietrick E. 

"A Knowing Universe Seeking to be Known" 
(Xerox offprint from ScienceNews, Vol. 123, 1983) 

Unwittingly demonstrates the resonance between quantum reality theory 
and the sufism of (for example) "the Greatest Shaykh" Ibn'Arabi, who discusses 
in his Bezels of Wisdom a saying attributed to God by Mohammad (but not in the 
Koran): "I was a hidden treasure and I wanted (lit. 'loved') to be known; so I 
created the universe, that I might be known." 

5a. We also have a few off-prints (at the same price) of Thomsen's witty 
"Quanta atLarge:101 Things To Do with Schroedinger's Cat' (op. cit,1 29,1 986). 

6. DeWitt, Bryce S. & Neill Graham. 

The Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 
(Princeton, NJ, 1973) 

The standard (and far from "easy"!) work on the Everett/Wheeler hypothesis 
— a bible for the early pioneers. 

7. Cramer, John G. 

"Alternate Universes II" 
(Analog, Nov. 1984) 

A popularization of the Theory by a prominent physicist — no knowledge of 
the Conspiracy is detectable. We're selling copies of the Sci-Fi mag itself for $10 

8. Greenberg, D.M., ed. 

New Techniques & Ideas in Quantum Measurement Theory 
(Vol. 480 Annals of the NY Academy of Sciences, 1986) 

Contains the valuable if somewhat whimsical article by D. Z. Albers, "How to 
take a Photograph of Another Everett World'. Also the very important 
"Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling at Finite Temperatures" by P. Hanggi (we 
suspect him of being a Conspiracy member). 

9. (Anonymous). 

Course Catalogue for 1978-79, Institute of Chaos Studies and Imaginal 


(no address); Xerox of mimeographed flyer, 7pp 

An in-house document from the Institute where the first breakthrough was 
attained (probably in the late winter or early spring of 1 979) — therefore, 
although it makes no overt mention of Travel or the Egg, the Catalogue is of 
prime importance for an understanding of the intellectual and historical 
background of the event. 

According to an unreliable source (see ESCAPE FROM EARTH 
Pfl//WE/,#15 in this list), the Institute was located somewhere in Dutchess 
County, New York, where the founder and director, Dr. Kamadev Sohrawardi, 
was employed by IBM in the 1960's, "dropped out" and began investigations into 
"consciousness physics"; it is also claimed that Sohrawardi was a Bengali of 
mixed English, Hindu and Moslem origin, descended from an old Sufi family, and 
initiated into Tantra. All this disagrees with clues in other sources and is perhaps 
not to be trusted. Other groups take credit for Breakthrough, and Sohrawardi may 
have been a fraud — but we're convinced that the Catalogue is authentic and 
Sohrawardi's claim the most certain. 

At first glance, the Catalogue appears an example of late-hippy/early-New- 
Age pretentiousness. Thus there are courses in "Visions of Color & Light in Sufi 
Meditation", "Inner Alchemy in Late Taoism", "Metaphysics of the Ismaili 
'Assassins'", "Imaginal Yoga & the Psychotoplogy of the Imagination", "Hermetic 
& Neo-Pagan Studies", (apparently based on Golden Dawn teachings), 
"Visualization Techniques in Javanese Sorcery", "Stairways to Heaven: 
Shamanic Trance & the Mapping of Consciousness", "Stirner, Nietzsche & Stone 
age Economy — An Examination of Non-Authoritarian Hunter/Gatherer 
Societies", and — interestingly enough! — "Conspiracy Theory". 

The "shamanic" course may have been a blind for research in psychotropic 
drugs, including such exotica asahuasca (yage, harmaline), ibogaine, yohimbine, 
Telepathine and Vitamin K, as well as the more standard psychedelicatessan of 
the late 70's. 

However, the Catalogue also contains amazing courses in frontier science, 
any combination of which could have provided the key or final puzzle-bit to the 

Breakthrough: apparently Sohrawardi taught or supervised most of them. Thus 
"The Universe in a Grain of Sand" promised information on models of brain 
activity, cybernetically-enhanced feedback, Sheldrake's morphogenetic field 
theory, Rene' Thorn's Catastrophic Theory as applied to consciousness, lucid- 
dreaming research, John Lilly's work on "altered states" and other mind-related 
topics. Then in "Strange Attractors & the Mathematics of Chaos", Sohrawardi 
discussed matters unknown outside of the margins of academia till the mid-80's, 
and made the astounding prediction that Chaos in the macroscopic world 
somehow be found to mirror Uncertainty in the microscopic or Quantum World, a 
truth still unrecognized in "official" scientific circles today. He felt that n- 
dimensional strange attractors could be used to model the quantum behavior of 
particles/waves, and that the "so-called collapse of the wave function" could 
actually be mapped with certain bizarre ramifications of Thorn's catastrophic 
topology. Making references to work by llya Prigogine which was still being 
circulated in private "preprint" or samizdat form at the time, Sohrawardi suggests 
that "creative chaos" (as opposed to "deterministic" or entropic chaos) provides 
the link that will unify Relativity, Quantum, Complexity and consciousness itself 
into a new science. 

Finally in his "Advanced Seminar on Many Worlds", he states baldly that the 
alternative universes predicted by Relativity (Black Hole Theory) are the same as 
the many worlds predicted by Quantum, are the same as fractal dimensions 
revealed in Chaos! This one-page course description is the closest thing we have 
to an explanation of why travel to other worlds actually works. Hence the 
Catalogue is an indispensable document for the serious student of the 

10. Beckenstein, J. 

"Black holes & Entropy" 

(Xerox offprint from Physical Review ,Vol. D7,1973; 28pp) 

An early (pre-Breakthrough) speculation with suggestive hints about 
quantum and chaos-as-entropy — although no knowledge of actual Chaos 
Theory is demonstrated. This paper was referred to in an in-house memo from 
the Inst, for Chaos Studies & Imaginal Yoga, believed to have been composed by 
K. Sohrawardi himself (see #9). 

11. Sohrawardi, Dr Kamadev. 

"Pholgiston & the Quantum Aether" 

(Off print from the J. of Paranormal Physics,Vo\. XXII, Bombay, 1966) 

An early paper by Sohrawardi, flooded with wild speculations about 
quantum and oriental spirituality, probably dating from the period when he was 
still working for IBM, but making visits to Millbrook, nearby in Dutchess Co., and 

participating in the rituals of the League of spiritual discovery under Dr. T Leary, 
and the psychedelic yoga of Bill Haines' Sri Ram Ashram, which shared Leary's 
headquarters on a local millionaire's estate. The basic insight concerns the 
identity of Everett/Wheeler's "many worlds" and the "other worlds" of sufism, 
tantrik Hinduism and Vajrayana Buddhism. At the time, Sohrawardi apparently 
believed he could "prove" this by reviving the long-dead theories of phlogiston 
and aether in the light of quantum discoveries! (Phlogiston Theory — based on 
the thinking of the sufi alchemist Jabir ibn Hayaan — the original Jabir — was 
propounded seriously in the 18th century to unify heat and light as "one thing". ) 
Totally useless as science, this metaphor nevertheless inspired Sohrawardi's 
later and genuinely important work on alternate realities. 

12. ibid. "Zero Work & Psychic Paleolithism" 

East Village Other, Vol. IV #4 

(Dec. 1968); Xerox reprint, single sheet 11 1/2x17 

Unfortunately no scientific speculations, but a fascinating glimpse into the 
political background of the inventor of Travel (or rather, one of the inventors). 
Making reference to French Situationist and Dutch "Provo" ideas which helped 
spark the "Events" and upheavals of Spring '68 all over Europe and America, 
Sohrawardi looks forward to a world without "the alienating prison of WORK", 
restored to the "oneness with Nature of the Old Stone Age" and yet somehow 
based on "green technology and quantum weirdness." 

Wild and wooly as it is, this text nevertheless poses a fascinating scientific 
question in the light of the author's later accomplishments — a question still 
unanswered. All the "First Breakthroughs" we know of with any degree of 
certainty (those in New York, California, and Java — the actual sequence is 
unclear) without exception entered parallel worlds without human inhabitants, 
virtual forest- worlds. Most science fiction predicated other worlds almost like 
ours. Populated by "us", with only a few slight differences, worlds "close" to ours. 
Instead — no people! 


Two possible explanations: (1) We cannot enter worlds containing "copies" 
of ourselves without causing paradox and violating the consistency principle of 
the "megaverse" — hence only wild (or feral) worlds are open to Travel. (2) Other 
worlds exist, in a sense, only as probabilities; in order to "become fully real" they 
must be observed. In effect, the parallel universes are observer-created, as soon 
as a traveller "arrives" in one of them. Sohrawardi wanted a Paleolithic world of 
endless forest, plentiful game and gathering, virgin, empty but slightly haunted — 
therefore, that's what he got! Either explanation raises problems in the light of 
what actually happened; perhaps there is a third, as yet unsuspected. 

13. (Anonymous). 

Ong's Hat: A Color Brochure of the Institute of Chaos Studies 
(photocopy of the original color brochure) 

Note — This is one of the RARE pamphlets from this series that I have 
been able to procure. It is included in the next chapter of this book. — Joseph 

This bizarre document, disguised as a brochure for a New Age health 
retreat, reveals some interesting information about the activities of Sohrawardi 
group or a closely-associated group. A fairly accurate description of the Egg is 
provided, as well as a believable account of the first (or one of the first) 
Breakthroughs. However, everything else in the pamphlet is sheer disinformation. 
The New Jersey Pine Barrens were never a center of alternate-worlds research, 
and all the names in the text are false. A non-existent address is included. 
Nevertheless, highly valuable for background. 

14. "Sven Saxon". 

The Stone Age Survivalist 

(Loompanics, UnLtd., Port Townsend, WA 1985), Pb 

"Imagine yourself suddenly plunked down buck-naked in the middle of a 
large dark forest with no resources except your mind," says the preface. "What 
would you do?' 

What indeed? and who could possibly care? — except a trans-dimensional 
Traveller! Loompanics specializes in books on disappearances and survival 
involving a good deal of escapist fantasy — but as we know, this situation is all 
too real for the Visitor to Other Worlds. 

Part I: Flint-knapping, an excellent illustrated handbook of Paleolithic tool- 
production; II Zero-tech hunting and trapping; III, Gathering (incl. a materia 
medica); IV, Shelter; V, Primitive warfare; VI, Man & Dog: trans-species 
symbiosis; VII, Cold weather survival; VIII, Culture ("Sven" recommends 
memorizing a lot of songs, poems and stories — and ends by saying "Memorize 
this book — cause you can't take it with yoW. Where is "Mr. Saxon" now, we 

15. Balcombe, Harold S. 

Escape From Earth Prime! 

(Foursquare Press, Denver, Colo., 1986), Pb 

This — unfortunately! — is the book that blew the lid off the Conspiracy for 
the first time. We say "unfortunately" because ESCAPE!, to all appearances, is a 

piece of unmitigated paranoid pulp tripe. Written in breathless ungrammatical 
subFortean prose, unfootnoted and nakedly sensationalistic, the book sank 
without trace, ignored even by the kook-conspiracy fringe; we were able to buy 
out unsold stock from the vanity press which published it, just before they went 
out of business and stopped answering their mail. 

Balcombe (whom we've been unable to trace and who may have 
"vanished"), is the author of one other book we've seen — but are not offering for 
sale — called Drug Lords from the Hollow Earth (1984) in which he claims that 
the CIA obtained LSD and cocaine from Dero-flying-saucer-nazis from beneath 
Antarctica. So much for his credentials. How he got hold of even a bit of the 
authentic Other Worlds story is a miracle. 

According to Balcombe, the first breakthrough was due not solely to K. 
Soharawardi — despite his importance as a theoretician — but also a "sinister 
webwork of cultists, anarchists, commies, fanatical hippies and renegade traitor 
scientists who made fortunes in the drug trade" (p. 3). Balcombe promises to 
name names, and out of the welter of rant and slather, some hard facts about the 
pioneers actually emerge. 

Funding (and some research) emanated in the 70's from a "chaos cabal" of 
early Silicon Valley hackers interested in complex dynamical systems, 
randomicity, and chance, and — gambling! — as well as a shadowy group of 
"drug lords" (Balcombe's favorite term of abuse), with connections to certain 
founders of the Discordian llluminati. Money was channeled through a cult called 
the Moorish Orthodox Church, a loose knit confederation of jazz musicians, 
oldtime hipsters, white "sufis" and black moslems, bikers and street dealers (see 
"A Heresologist's Guide to Brooklyn", #24 in this list) who came into contact with 
Sohrawardi in Millbrook in the mid-60's. 

Sohrawardi was a naive idealist and somewhat careless about his 
associations. He received clandestine support from people who were in turn 
connected to certain Intelligence circles with an interest in psychedelic and fringe 
mind-science. According to Balcombe this was nof the CIA (MK-ULTRA) but an 
unofficial offshoot of several groups with Masonic connections! The Conspiracy 
was penetrated almost from the start, but was actually encouraged in the hope of 
gleaning useful information about parallel worlds, or at least about the "mental 
conditioning techniques" developed as part of the basic research. 

By the mid-70's, Sohrawardi and his various cohorts and connections (now 
loosely referred to as "the Garden of Forked Paths" or GFP) had become aware 
of the Intelligence circles (now loosely grouped as "Probability Control Force" or 
PCF) and had in turn planted double-agents, and gone further underground. In 
1978 or 79 an actual device for trans-dimensional Travel, the "Egg" (also called 

the Cocoon or the Cucurbit, which means both gourd and alchemical flask) was 
developed in deepest secrecy, probably at Sohrawardi's institute in Upstate New 
York, certainly not at a branch lab supposedly hidden away in the NJ Pine 
Barrens near the long-vanished village of Ong's Hat (see #13 in this list), since 
no such lab ever existed, nor does it exist now, despite what some fools think. 

The PCF were unable to obtain an Egg for several years and did not 
succeed in Breakthrough until (Balcombe believes) 1982. The California groups, 
however, began Egg production and broke through (into "BigSur2") in early 1980 
(again, Balcombe's chronology). (Balcombe clearly knows nothing of the situation 
in Java.) 

It remains unclear whether the East Coast and West Coast groups both 
entered the same alternate world, or two different but similar worlds. 
Communication between the two outposts has so far proved impossible because, 
as it happens, the Egg will not transport non-sentient matter. Travellers arrive 
Over There birth — naked in a Stone Age world — no airplanes, no radio, no 
clothes. fire and no tools! Only the Egg, like a diamond Faberge Easter gift 
designed by Dali, alone in the midst of "Nature naturing". Balcombe includes a 
dim out-of-focus photo of an Egg, and claims that the machine is part computer 
but also partly — living crystal, like virus or DNA, and also partly "naked 

Eggs are costly to produce, so the early pioneers had to return after each 
sortie and forego permanent settlement on E2 until a cheaper mode of transport 
could be discovered. However, emigration via the Egg proved possible when the 
"tantrik" or "double-yolk" effect was discovered: two people (any combination of 
age, gender, etc.) can Travel by Egg while making love, especially if one of the 
pair has already done the trip a few times and "knows the way" without elaborate 
visualization techniques and so forth. Balcombe has a field day with this juicy 
information and spends an entire chapter (VIII) detailing the "perversions" in use 
for this purpose. Talent for Travel ranges from brilliant to zero — probably no 
more than 15% of humanity can make it, although the less — talented and even 
children can be "translated" — and extensive training methods have somewhat 
improved the odds. California2 now contains about 1000 emigrants scattered 
along the coast, and the eastern settlements add up to 500 or 600. A few children 
have been born "over there" — some can Travel, some can't, although the 
talented percentage seems greater than among the general population of Earth- 
prime. And being "stuck" on E2 is no grave punishment in any case!, unless you 
object to the Garden of Eden and the "original leisure society" of the Paleolithic 

Balcombe claims that the PCF was severely disappointed by the sentience 
"law" of Travel, since they had hoped to use the parallel worlds as a weapons — 

delivery system! Nevertheless they continued to experiment, hoping for a more 
"mechanistic" technique; meanwhile they devote their efforts to (a) suppressing 
all information leaks, (b) plotting against the independent GFP and infiltrating the 
E2 settlements, (c) attempting to open new worlds where technology might be 
possible. They are however handicapped by a shortage of talent: the kind of 
person who can Travel is not usually the kind of person who sympathizes with 
the "patriotic discipline of the PCF" and rogue Masonic groups, but some of these 
end up defecting and "doubling", and anyway most of them are much too weird 
for the taste of the rigidly reactionary inner core of PCF leadership, who wonder 
(as does Balcombe) whether these agents are "any better than the scum they're 
spying on?" 

More worlds have been discovered — E3 and E4 are mentioned in 
ESCAPE! (and we know that E5 was opened in 1 988) — but all of these are 
"empty" forest worlds apparently almost identical with E2. 

In summary, Balcombe's style is execrable and attitude repulsive, but his 
book remains the most accurate overview of the Conspiracy to date. If you're 
only going to order one item from us, this is it. 

16. (Anonymous) 

"Bionic Travel: An Orgonomic Theory of the Meg averse" 

(Xerox of unpubl. typescript headed "Top Secret Q Eyes Only"; 27pp) 

If this paper emanates from PCF sources, as we believe, it indicates the 
poor quality of original research carried out by the enemies of Sohrawardi and 
the GFP, and may explain the PCF's relative lack of progress in the field 
(especially considering their much larger budget!). The author attempts to revive 
W. Reich's Orgone Theory, with "bions" as "life-force particles" and some sort of 
orgone accumulator (Reich's "box") as a possible substitute for the Egg. An 
unhealthy interest is shown in "harnessing the force of Deadly Orgone" as a 
weapon for use on other worlds. References are also made to Aliester Crowley's 
"sex magick techniques" of the Ordo Templi Orientis even speculations on 
human sacrifice as a possible source of "transdimensional energy". A morbid and 
crackpot document, devoid of all scientific value (in our opinion) but affording a 
fascinating insight into PCF mentality and method. 

17. Corbin, Henry. 

Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn'Arabi 
(trans, by R. Mannheim; Princeton, N J, 1969) 

One of the few books mentioned by title in the Catalogue of the Inst, of 
Chaos Studies & Imaginal Yoga (see #9 in this list). The "mundus imaginalis", 
also called the World of Archetypes or the "Isthmus" (Arabic, barzakh), lies in- 

between the World of the Divine and the material World of Creation. It actually 
consists of "many worlds", including two "emerald cities" called Jabulsa and 
Jabulqa (very intriguing considering the situation on Java2!). The great 14th- 
century Hispano-Moorish sufi Ibn'Arabi developed a metaphysics of the "Creative 
Imagination" by which the adept could achieve spiritual progress via direct 
contemplation of the archetypes, including the domains of djinn, spirits and 
angels. Ibn'Arabi also speaks of seven alternate Earths created by Allah, each 
with its own Mecca and Kaaba! Some parallel-universe theorists believe that 
Travel without any tech (even the Egg) may be possible, claiming that certain 
mystics have already accomplished it. If so, then Ibn'Arabi must have been one 
of them. 

18. Gleick, James. 

CHAOS: Making a New Science 
(Viking Penguin, NY, 1987) 254pp 

The first and still the most complete introduction to chaos — required 
reading — BUT with certain caveats. First: Gleick has no philosophical or poetic 
depth; he actually begins the book with a quote from John Updike! No mention of 
chaos mythology or oriental sources. No mention of certain non-American chaos 
scientists such as Rene Thorn and llya Prigogine! Instead, alongside the 
admittedly useful info, one gets a subtle indoctrination in "deterministic chaos", by 
which we mean the tendency to look on chaos as a weapon to fight chaos, to 
"save" Classical physics Q and learn to predict the Stock Market! (As opposed to 
what we call the "quantum chaos" of Sohrawardi and his allies, which looks on 
chaos as a creative and negentropic source, the cornucopia of evolution and 
awareness.) Warning: we suspect Gleick of being a PCF agent who has 
embedded his text with subtle disinformation meant to distract the chaos science 
community from any interest in "other worlds". 

19. Pak Hardjanto. 

"Apparent Collapse of the Wave Function as an n Dimensional 

(trans, by "N.N.S." in Collected Papers of the SE Asian Soc. for 
Advanced Research, Vol. XXIX, 1980), 47pp, xerox of offprint 

An early paper by the little-known scientific director of the Javanese "Travel 
Cult" which succeeded in breakthrough, possibly in the year this essay was 
published or shortly thereafter. Hardjanto is known to have been in touch with 
Sohrawardi since the 60's; no doubt they shared all information, but each kept 
the other secret from their respective organizations. The pioneers of Java2 
became known to the GFP and PCF only around 1984 or 85. 

This article, the only scientific work we possess by Hardjanto, shows him to 

be a theoretician equal or even superior to Sohrawardi himself — and if 
Hardjanto is also the anonymous author of the following item, as we believe, then 
he appears a formidable "metaphysicist" as well! 

"Apparent Collapse", while certainly not a blueprint for Egg construction, 
nevertheless constitutes one of the few bits of "hard" science published openly on 
our Subject. Unfortunately, its theorems and diagrams are doubtless 
comprehensible only to a handful of experts. The topological drawings literally 
boggle the mind, especially one entitled "Hypercube Undergoing 'Collapse' Into 5 
— Space Vortex"! 

20. (Unsigned, probably by Pak Hardjanto). 

A Vision of Hurqalya 

( K. K. Sardono; Incunabula Press, 1988), Pb, 46pp 

The Indonesian original of this text appeared as a pamphlet in Yogjakarta 
(E.Java) in 1982. We ourselves at Incunabula commissioned the translation and 
have published this handsome edition, including all the illustrations from the 
original, at our own expense. 

If one knew nothing about the Conspiracy or Many-Worlds Theory, A Vision 
would seem at first to be a mystical tract by an adherent of kebatinan, the 
heterodox sufi influenced freeform esoteric/syncretistic complex of sects which 
has come to be influential in GFP circles, inasmuch as the idea of "spiritual 
master" (guru, murshed) has been replaced by "teacher" (pamong); some 
kebatinan sects utilize spontaneous non-hierarchical organizational structures. 

However, in the light of our knowledge of the material existence of other 
worlds, Vision takes on a whole new dimension Q as a literal description of what 
Hardjanto and his fellow pioneers found on Java2. 

They discovered another uninhabited world — but with one huge difference. 
The author of Vision steps out of his "alchemical Egg" into a vast and ancient 
abandoned City! He calls it Hurqalya (after a traditional sufi name for the Other 
World or alam-e-mithal). He senses his total aloneness — feels that the City's 
builders have long since moved on elsewhere — and yet that they still somehow 
somewhere exist. 

The author compares Hurqalya to the ancient ruined city of Borobadur in E. 
Java, but notices immediately that there are no statues or images — all the 
decoration is abstract and severe — but "neither Islamic nor Buddhist nor Hindu 
nor Christian nor any style I ever saw". The "palaces" of Hurqalya are grand, 
cyclopean, almost monolithic — far from "heavy" in atmosphere, despite the 
black basalt from which they seem to have been carved. For the City is cut 

through by water... it is in fact a water-city in the style of the Royal Enclave of 
Yogjakarta (now so sadly derelict) — but incomparably bigger. Canals, 
aqueducts, rivers and channels crisscross and meander through the City; flowing 
originally from quiescent volcanic mountains looming green in the West. Water 
flows down through the City which is built on a steep slope gradually curving into 
a basin and down to the placid Eastern Sea, where a hundred channels flow dark 
and clear into the green salt ocean. 

Despite the air of ruin — huge trees have grown through buildings, splitting 
them open — mosses, ferns and orchids coat the crumbling walls with 
viridescence, hosting parrots, lizards, butterflies — despite this desolation, most 
of the waterworks still flow: canal-locks broken open centuries ago allow 
cascades, leaks, spills and waterfalls in unexpected places, so that the City is 
wrapped in a tapestry of water sounds and songbird voices. Most amazingly, the 
water flows at different levels simultaneously, so that aqueducts cross over 
canals which in turn flow above sunken streams which drip into wells, 
underground cisterns and mysterious sewers in a bewildering complex of levels, 
pipes, conduits and irrigated garden terraces which resemble (to judge by the 
author's sketches) a dreamscape of Escher or Piranesi. Viewed from above, the 
City would be mapped as an arabesque 3PD spiderweb (with waterbridges 
aboveground, streams at ground level and also underground) fanning out to fill 
the area of the basin, thence into the harbor with its huge cracked basalt block 

The slope on which the City is built is irregularly terraced in ancient SE 
Asian style — as many staircases as streets thread their way up and down, laid 
out seemingly at random, following land contours rather than grid logic, adding to 
the architectural complexity of the layer of waterways with a maze of vine 
encrusted overpasses, arched bridges, spiraling ramps, crooked alleyways, 
cracked hidden steps debouching on broad esplanades, avenues, parks gone to 
seed, pavilions, balconies, apartments, jungle choked palazzos, echoing gloomy 
"temples" whose divinities, if any, seem to have left no forwarding address ... all 
empty, all utterly abandoned. And nowhere is there any human debris — no 
broken tools, bones or midden heaps, no evidence of actual habitation — as if 
the ancient builders of the City picked up and took everything with them when 
they departed — "perhaps to one of the other Seven Worlds of the alam-e-mithal" 
— in other words, to a "higher dimension. 

Thus ends the Vision of Hurqalya — raising more questions than it answers! 
There is no doubt that it describes exactly what was discovered in Java2 in 1 980 
or 81 . But if the "observer-created" theory of other-worlds Travel is true, 
"Hurqalya" represents the "imaginal imprint" of what Hardjanto (or whoever) 
expectedto find. Yet again, if that theory is false ... who built Hurqalya? One 
current explanation (arising from time distortion theorems which have so far 

remained unsolvable) suggests that the Builders "moved" in prehistoric times to 
Earth-prime and became the distant ancestors of the Javanese ("Java Man"). 
Another guess: the Builders have indeed moved on to a "distant" alternate 
universe, and eventually we may find them. 

A small settlement now exists in Hurqalya. Once the American groups 
heard of the City's existence, members of both the GFP and PFC were able to 
visualize it and Travel to it from America (the Javanese can do the same from 
Java-prime to America2). Since 1985 all three groups have expanded most of 
their exploratory effort on "opening up" new worlds in the Java series. Apparently 
Indonesian sorcerers and trance adepts are very good at this, and we believe 
they have reached Java7 — without, however, finding replications of the City or 
any trace of the Builders — only more empty forest. 

21. Von Bitter Rucker, Dr R. 

"The Cat Was Alive, But Looked Scared As Hell": Some Unexpected 
Properties of Cellular Automata in the Light of the Everett-Wheeler Hypothesis" 
(Complex Dynamical Systems Newsletter no. 8, 1989), offprint 

Who is this man and what does he know? No other serious mathematician 
has so far made any connection between cellular automata and the Many 
Worlds. Tongue-in-cheek (?), the author suggests that Schroedinger's poor cat 
might be both alive and dead, even after the box is opened, IF parallel universes 
are "stacked" in some arcane manner which he claims to be able to demonstrate 
with a piece of software he has hacked and is selling for an outrageous sum; we 
have also seen an ad for this program in a magazine called MONDO 2000, 
published in Berkeley and devoted to "reality hacking". We'd love to know what 
certain members of the Conspiracy would make of this bizarre concept! 

22. Kennedy, Alison. 

"Psychotropic Drugs in 'Shared-World'& Lucid Dreaming Experiments" 
(Psychedelic Monographs & Essays, Vol. XIV, no. 2, 1981, offprint) 

This writer appears to have inside information. The notion of a drug-induced 
hallucination so powerful it can be shared by many (in a proper "blind" 
experiment) and can actually come into existence, into material reality; the idea 
that drug-enhanced lucid dreaming can be used to discover objective information 
from "other ontological levels of being"; and finally the "prediction" that "a 
combination of these methods utilizing computer aided biofeedback monitoring 
devices" will actually make it possible to "visit 'other' worlds in 'inner' space" 
(which suggests that the author adheres to the "observer-created" theory of 
parallel universes) — all this leads us to believe that the author is probably a 
member of one of the California Travel Cults — as well as an expert bruja\ 

23. (Anonymous). 

A Collection of Cult Pamphlets, Flyers, Ephemera & Curiosa from the 
Library of a Traveler 

(Loose-leaf portfolio of photocopied originals) sold by lot 

The unknown compiler of this Collection (whom for convenience we'll call 
"X") left it behind when he "vanished", whence it came into our possession. We 
know something of the compiler's career from an untitled document written by 
him and found with the Collection, which we call The Poetic Journal of a Traveller 
(#24 in this list), as well as a pamphlet believed to be by the same author, 
Folklore of the Other Worlds (#25). (The Ong's Hat Color Brochure was also 
discovered in the same cache, and is sold by us as #13.) 

The Collection contains the following items: 

1 ) A History & Catechism of the Moorish Orthodox Church, which traces the 
origins of the sect to early (1913) American Black Islam, the "Wandering 
Bishops", the Beats of the 50s and the psychedelic churches movement of the 
60s — deliberately vague about the 70s and 80s however. 

2) The World Congress of Free Religions, a brochure — manifesto arguing 
for a "fourth way", a non-authoritarian spiritual movement in opposition to 
mainstream, fundamentalist and New Age religion. The WCFR is said to include 
various sects of Discordians, SubGeniuses, Coptic Orthodox People of the Herb, 
gay ("faery") neo-pagans, Magical Judaism, the Egyptian Church of New 
Zealand, Kaos Kabal of London, Libertarian Congregationalists, etc. Q and the 
Moorish Orthodox Church. Several of these sects are implicated in the 
Conspiracy, but no overt mention of the Travel Cults is made here. 

3) Spiritual Materialism, by "the New Catholic Church of the Pantarchy, 
Hochkapel von SS Max und Marx", a truly weird flyer dedicated to "Saints" Max 
Stirner and Karl Marx, representing a group claiming foundation by the 19th 
century Individualist Stephen Pearl Andrews, but more likely begun in the 1980s 
as a Travel Cult. Uses Nietzsche to contend that material reality itself constitutes 
a (or the) spiritual value and the principle of Infinity "which is expressed in the 
existence of many worlds. " It argues for a Utopia based on "individualism, 
telepathic socialism, free love, high tech, Stone Age wilderness and quantum 
weirdness"! No address is given, needless to say. 

4) The Sacred Jihad of Our Lady of Chaos, this otherwise untraceable 
group calls for "resistance to all attempts to control probability." It quotes Foucault 
and Baudrillard on the subject of "disappearance", then suggests that "to vanish 
without having to kill yourself may be the ultimate revolutionary act ... The 
monolith of Consensus Reality is riddled with quantum-chaos cracks ... Viral 
attack on all fronts! Victory to Chaos in every world!" 

5) The Temple of Antinous, a Travel Cult of neo-pagans devoted to Eros 
and Ganymede. (Warning: this leaflet contains some just-barely-legal graphic 

material.) "Wistfully we wonder if the boygod can manifest only in some other 
world than this dreary puritanical polluted boobocracy — then, gleefully, we 
suddenly recall: there ARE other worlds!' 

6) A Collage, presumably made by X himself, consisting of a "mandala" 
constructed from cut-outs of Strange Attractors and various Catastrophic 
topologies interwoven with photos of young women clipped from Italian fashion 
magazines. Eroticizing the mathematical imagery no doubt helps one to 
remember and visualize it while operating the Egg. 

24. (Anonymous). 

Poetic Journal of a Traveller; or, A Heresologist's Guide to Brooklyn 
(Incunabula Press, pamphlet, Believed to be by "X", the compiler of 
the Collection, & transcribed by us from manuscript.) 

Apparently X began this MS with the intention of detailing his experiences 
with a Travel Cult and eventual "translation" to the various alternate-world 
settlements, but unfortunately abandoned the project early on, possibly due to 
PCF interference. 

It begins with a summary account of X's spiritual quest, largely among the 
stranger sects of his native Brooklyn: Santeria in Coney Island, Cabala in 
Williamsburg, sufis on Atlantica Avenue, etc. He is disappointed or turned away 
(and even mugged on one occasion). He becomes friendly with a Cuban woman 
of mixed Spanish, black, amerindian and Chinese ancestry who runs a botanica 
(magical supplies and herbs). When he asks her about "other worlds", she is 
evasive but promises to introduce him to someone who knows more about such 

She orders her grand-daughter, a 14-year-old named Teofila (see the 
graphic novel, page 160 of this book for a rendition of Teofila by artist Tony 
Talbert), to escort X through the "rough neighborhoods" to the old man's shop. 
The girl is wearing a t-shirt that says "Hyperborean Skateboarding Association", 
and indeed travels by skateboard, "gliding on ahead of me like Hermes the 
Psychopomp." X is clearly attracted to Teofila and becomes embarrassedly 
tongue-tied and awkward. 

The old man, called "the Shaykh", who claims to be Sudanese but speaks 
"pure Alabaman", runs a junk shop and wears a battered old Shriners fez. His 
attitude toward X is severe at first, but X is enchanted by his rather disjointed 
rambling and ranting — which reveal a surprisingly wide if erratic reading in 
Persian poetry, the Bible, Meister Eckhardt, William Blake, Yoruba mythology 
and quantum mechanics. Leaving the girl in the shop, the old man takes X into 
his back office, "crowded with wildly eclectic junk, naive paintings, cheap 
orientalismo, HooDoo candles, jars of flower petals, and an ornate potbellied 

stove, stoked up to cherryred, suffusing waves of drowsy warmth." 

The Shaykh intimidates X into sharing a big pipe of hashish mixed with 
amber and mescaline, then launches into a stream-of-consciousness attack on 
"Babylon, the Imperium, the Con, the Big Lie that there's nowhere to go and 
nothing to buy except their fifth-rate imitations of life, their bullshit pie-in-the-sky 
religions, cold cults, cold cuts of self-mutilation I call 'em, and woe to Jerusalem!" 
X, now "stoned to the gills", falls under the Shaykh's spell and bursts into tears. 
At once the old man unbends, serves X a cup of tea "sweetblack as Jamaica run 
and scented with cardamon", and begins to drop broad hints about "a way out, 
not to some gnostic-never-land with the body gone like a fart in a sandstorm, no 
brother, for the Unseen World is not just of the spirit but also the flesh Q Jabulsa 
and Jabulqa, Hyperborea, Hurqalya Q they're as real as Brooklyn but a damn 
sight prettier!" 

Late afternoon; X must return home before dark, and prepare to take leave 
of the Shaykh Q who gives him a few pamphlets and invites him to return. To X's 
surprise, Teofila is still waiting outside the shop, and offers to escort him to the 
subway. The girl is now in a friendlier mood and X less nervous. They strike up a 
conversation, X asking about Hyperborea and Teofila answering, "Yeah, I know 
where it is — I've been there." 

The main narrative ends here, but we have added some other poetic 
fragments included with the original MS, despite the fact that they might offend 
some readers, in light of the importance of the "tantrik technique" of other-world 
Travel. (And let us remind you that a statement of age must be included with 
every order from Incunabula Inc.). These rather pornographic fragments suggest 
that X, too shy to attempt anything himself, was in fact seduced by Teofila, and 
that his subsequent "training" for Egg-navigation consisted of numerous "practice 
sessions for double-"yolking" with a very enthusiastic young tutor. 

We believe that X subsequently made an extended visit to America2 and 
Java2, that he returned to Earth-prime on some Intelligence or sabotage mission 
for the GFP, that he composed a paper on Folklore of the Other Worlds (see 
#25), that he and Teofila somehow came to the attention of PCF agents in New 
York, aborted their mission and returned to Java2, where they presumably now 

25. (Anonymous). 

Folklore of the Other Worlds 

(Incunabula Press, pamphlet, By the same author as #24, transcribed 
by us from manuscript.) 

Our anonymous Traveller from Brooklyn appears to have composed this 
little treatise after his first extended stay in E2. It deals with tales of Travellers 

and inhabitants of the other-world settlements, pioneers' experiences and the 
like. Of great interest is the claim that ESP and other paranormal abilities 
increase in the parallel universes, that the effect is magnified by passing through 
the series of discovered "levels", and that a small band of psychic researchers 
has therefore settled on Java7, the present frontier world. The "temple" of 
Hurqalya (or whatever these vast buildings may have been) are used for 
sessions of meditation, martial arts and psychic experimentation. X claims that 
telepathy is now accepted as fact "over there," with strong evidence for 
telekinesis and perhaps even Egg-less Travel. 

Also intriguing are various accounts of "spirits" seen or sensed around the 
settlements, were-animals supposedly glimpsed on higher levels, and legends 
which have arisen concerning the lost Builders of Hurqalya. Something of a cult 
has grown up around these hypothetical creatures who (it is said) are "moving 
toward us even as we move toward them, through the dimensions, through Time 

— perhaps backwards through Time"! 

X points out that this legend strikes an eerie resonance with "complex 
conjugate wave theory" in quantum mechanics, which hypothesizes that the 
"present" (the Megaverse "now") is the result of the meeting of two infinite 
quantum probability waves, one moving from past to future, the other moving 
from future to past — that space/time is an interference effect of these two waves 

— and that the many worlds are bubbles on this shoreline! 

26. Eliade, Mircea. 

Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy 
(Univ. of Chicago Press), Pb 

This "bible" of the modern neo-shamanic movement also served as a 
metaphorical scripture for the pioneers of interdimensional consciousness 
physics and alternate-world explorers. Not only does it contain innumerable 
practical hints for the Traveller, as well as a spiritual ambience conducive to the 
proper state of mind for Travel — it is also believed that Eliade's mythic material 
on the prototypal Stone Age shamans who could physically and actually visit 
other worlds, offers strong evidence for the possibility of Egg-less Travel — 
which however so far remains in the realm of "folklore", speculation and rumor. 

27. Lorde, John. 

Maze of Treason 

(Red Knight Books, Wildwood,NJ,1988), Pb, 204 pp 

You may remember that after the Patty Hearst kidnapping it was discovered 
that a cheap pornographic thriller, published before the event, seemed to foretell 
every detail of the story. Jungian synchronicity? Or did the Symbioses Liberation 

Army read that book and decide to act it out? It remains a mystery. 

Maze of Treason is also a pornographic thriller, complete with tawdry 4- 
color cover, sloppy printing on acidulous pulp, and horrendous style. It's 
marketed as Science Fiction, however. And there is no mystery about the 
author's inside knowledge. "John Lorde" not only knows about the Conspiracy, 
he's obviously been there. This book is probably a roman a clef, as it appears to 
contain distorted portraits of Sohrawardi and Harjanto (depicted as Fu-Manchu- 
type villains) as well as several actual agents of both the GFP and PCF — and 
even a character apparently based on the real-life "X", author of several titles in 
our list (#s 24 & 25). 

The hero, Jack Masters, is an agent of an unnamed spyforce of American 
patriots who jokingly call themselves the Quantum Police. Their mission is to 
regain control of the alternate worlds for "the forces of reason and order" and 
"make trouble for agents of chaos in every known universe." The Q-Cops' secret 
underground HDQ contains a number of Eggs granting access to hidden bases 
on the other worlds, including "the Other America" and "the Other Indonesia". 

Jack Masters is investigating the activities of a Chaote named Ripley Taylor, 
a "child-molester and black magician" who runs a Travel Cult out of a comic book 
store in a "racially mixed neighborhood" of New York. The Cops hope to catch 
Taylor with his "juvenile delinquent girlfriend", blackmail him and turn him into a 
double agent. 

The hero now becomes involved with Amanita, a beautiful woman 
performance artist from the Lower East Side who seems to know a lot about 
Taylor and the Travel Cult, but also seems quite attracted to the virile Jack 
Masters. At first he suspects her of duplicity, but soon decides he needs to 
"convert" her by making her "fall for me, and fall hard. " Jack's problem is that his 
own "talent" will not suffice for solo Travelling, and in fact he has never managed 
to "get across" — since the Cops do not practice Tantrik techniques! He suspects 
her of being an "Other-Worlder" and hopes she can convey him thence via the 
"infamous 'double -yolk' method." 

Meanwhile Taylor has laughed off the blackmail attempt, burned down the 
comic shop and escaped "into the fourth dimension — or maybe the fifth." 
Masters heats up his affair with the artist Amanita, and finally convinces her to 
"translate" him — after three chapters of unininterrupted porno depicting the pair 
in many little-known ritual practices, so to speak. (The author rises above his own 
mediocrity here, and attains something like "purple pulp", an inspired gush of 
horny prose, especially in the oral-genital area.) Masters now rises to the 
occasion for yet a fourth chapter in which a "government-issue Egg" becomes the 
setting for a "yab-yum ceremony of searing obscenity. " 

Immediately upon arrival in "Si Fan" (the author's name for Hurqalya), 
Amanita betrays our hero and turns him over naked to one of the tribes of 
"chaos-shamans who inhabit these Lemur Ian ruins". At this point Maze begins to 
add to our knowledge of the real-life situation by depicting more-or-less 
accurately the state of affairs and mode of life in present-day Hurqalya — at 
least, as seen through the eyes of a paranoid right-wing spy. 

The thousand or so inhabitants have made few changes in Hurqalya, 
preferring a life of "primitive sloth" and minimal meddling with Nature. Sex, 
hallucinogenic mushrooms and song improvisation contests comprise the 
nightlife, with days devoted to the serious business of "sorcery, skinny-dipping, 
flint knapping and maybe a couple of hours of desultory fishing or berry picking." 
There is no social order. "People with bones in their noses sitting around arguing 
about Black Hole Theory or recipes for marsupial stew — lazy smoke from a few 
clan campfires rising through the hazy bluegold afternoon — people masturbating 
in trees — bees snouting into orchids — signal drum in the distance — Amanita 
singing an old song by the Inkspots I remember from my childhood..." 

Masters — or rather the author — claims to be disgusted by all this 
"anarchist punk hippy immorality — all this jungle love!" — but his ambivalence is 
revealed in his continued desire for Amanita, and the ease with which he falls into 
his own curmudgeonly version of dolce far niente in "Si Fan". 

We won't give away the rest of the plot, not because it's so great, but 
because it's largely irrelevant (Taylor flees to distant dimensions, Masters gets 
Girl and returns to Earth-prime in triumph, etc., etc.) — the book's true value lies 
in these pictures of daily life in Hurqalya. Sadly, Maze of Treason is still our only 
source for such material. 

The Conspiracy to deny the world all knowledge of the Many Worlds is 
maintained by both the forces active in the parallel universes — the GFP and 
PCF both have their reasons for secrecy, evasion, lies, disinformation, distortion 
and even violence. Maze of Treason is not our only source for claiming that 
people have lost their lives as a result of getting too deeply involved in all this. 
But we at INCUNABULA believe that truth will out, because it must. To stand in 
the way of it is more dangerous than letting it loose. Freedom of information is 
our only protection — we will tell all, despite all scorn or threat, and trust that our 
"going public" will protect us from the outrage of certain private interests — if not 
from the laughter of the ignorant! 

Remember: parallel worlds exist. They have already been reached. A vast 
cover-up denies YOU all knowledge. Only INCUNABULA can enlighten you, 
because only INCUNABULA dares. 

Thank You, 

Emory Cranston, Prop. 


A full color brochure for the Institute of Chaos Studies and the Moorish 
Science Ashram in Ong's Hat, New Jersey 


You would not be reading this brochure if you had not already penetrated 
half-way to the ICS. You have been searching for us without knowing it, following 
oblique references in crudely Xeroxed marginal "samisdat" publications, crackpot 
mystical pamphlets, mailorder courses in "Kaos Magick" — a paper trail and a 
coded series of rumors spread at street level through circles involved in the illicit 
distribution of certain controlled substances and the propagation of certain acts of 
insurrection against the Planetary Work Machine and the Consensus Reality — 
or perhaps through various obscure mimeographed technical papers on the 
edges of "chaos science" — through pirate computer networks — or even 
through pure synchronicity and the pursuit of dreams. 

In any case we know something about you, your interests, deeds and 
desires, works and days — and we know your address. 

Otherwise... you would not be reading this brochure. 


During the 1970s and '80s, "chaos" began to emerge as a new scientific 
paradigm, on a level of importance with Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. It 
was born out of the mixing of many different sciences — weather prediction, 
Catastrophe Theory, fractal geometry, and the rapid development of computer 
graphics capable of plunging into the depths of fractals and "strange attractors; 
hydraulics and fluid turbulence, evolutionary biology, mind/brain studies and 
psychopharmacology also played major roles in forming the new paradigm." 

The slogan "order out of chaos" summed up the gist of this science, whether 
it studied the weird fractional-dimensional shapes underlying swirls of cigarette 
smoke or the distribution of colors in marbled paper-or else dealt with "harder" 
matters such as heart fibrillation, particle beams or population vectors. 

However, by the late '80s it began to appear as if this "chaos movement" 
had split apart into two opposite and hostile world-views, one placing emphasis 
on chaos itself, the other on order. 

According to the latter sect — the Determinists — chaos was the enemy, 
randomness a force to be overcome or denied. They experienced the new 
science as a final vindication of Classical Newtonian physics, and as a weapon to 
be used against chaos, a tool to map and predict reality itself. For them, chaos 
was death and disorder, entropy and waste. 

The opposing faction however experienced chaos as something benevolent, 
the necessary matrix out of which arises spontaneously an infinity of variegated 
forms — a pleroma rather than an abyss — a principle of continual creation, 
unstructured, fecund, beautiful, spirit of wildness. These scientists saw chaos 
theory as vindication of Quantum indeterminacy and Godel's Proof, promise of an 
open-ended universe, Cantorian infinities of potential... chaos as health. 

Easy to predict which of these two schools of thought would receive vast 
funding and support from governments, multi-nationals and intelligence agencies. 
By the end of the decade, "Quantum/Chaos" had been forced underground, 
virtually censored by prestigious scientific journals — which published only 
papers by Determinists. 

The dissidents were reduced to the level of the margin — and there they 
found themselves part of yet another branch of the paradigm, the underground of 
cultural chaos — the "magicians" — and of political chaos-extremist anti- 
authoritarian "mutants". 

Unlike Relativity, which deals with the Macrocosm of outer space, and 
Quantum, which deals with the Microcosm of particle physics, chaos science 
takes place largely within the Mesosphere — the world as we experience it in 
"everyday life", from dripping faucets to banners flapping in the autumn breezes. 
Precisely for this reason useful experimental work in chaos can be carried on 
without the hideous expense of cyclotrons and orbital observatories. 

So even when the leading theoreticians of Quantum/Chaos began to be 
fired from university and corporate positions, they were still able to pursue certain 
goals. Even when they began to suffer political pressures as well, and sought 
refuge and space among the mutants and marginals, still they perservered. By a 
paradox of history, their poverty and obscurity forced them to narrow the scope of 
their research to precisely those areas which would ultimately produce concrete 
results — pure math, and the mind — simply because these areas were relatively 

Up until the crash of '87, the "alternative network" amounted to little more 
than a nebulous weave of pen-pals and computer enthusiasts, Whole Earth 
nostalgists, futurologists, anarchists, food cranks, neo-pagans and cultists, self- 

publishing punk poets, armchair schizophrenics, survivalists and mail artists. The 
Crash however opened vast but hard-to-see cracks in the social and economic 
control structures of America. Gradually the marginals and mutants began to fill 
up those fissures with the wegs of their own networking. Bit by bit they created a 
genuine black economy, as well as a shifting insubstantial "autonomous zone", 
impossible to map but real enough in its various manifestations. 

The orphaned scientists of Q/C theory fell into this invisible anti-empire like 
a catalyst — or perhaps it was the other way around. In either case, something 
crystallized. To explain the precipitation of this jewel, we must move on to the 
specific cases, people and stories. 


The Moorish Orthodox Church of America is an offshoot of the Moorish 
Science Temple, the New World's first Islamic heretical sect, founded by a black 
circus magician named Noble Drew AN in Newark, New Jersey in 1913. In the 
1950s some white jazz musicians and poets who held "passports" in the M.S.T. 
founded the Moorish Orthodox Church, which also traced its spiritual ancestry to 
various "Wandering Bishops" loosely affiliated with the Old Catholic Church and 
schisms of Syrian Orthodoxy. 

In the '60s the church acquired a new direction from the Psychedelic 
Movement, and for a while maintained a presence at T. Leary's commune in 
Millbrook, New York. At the same time the discovery of Sufism led certain of its 
members to undertake journeys to the East. 

One of these Americans, known by the Moorish name Wali Fard, travelled 
for years in India, Persia, and Afghanistan, where he collected an impressive 
assortment of exotic initiations: Tantra in Calcutta, from an old member of the 
Bengali Terrorist Party; Sufism from the Ovayssi Order in Shiraz, which rejects all 
human masters and insists on visionary experience; and finally, in the remote 
Badakhshan Province of Afghanistan, he converted to an archaic form of 
Ismailism (the so-called Assassins) blended out of Buddhist Yab-Yum teachings, 
indigenous shamanic sorcery and extremist Shiite revolutionary philosophy- 
worshippers of the Umm-al-kitab, the "Matrix Book." 

Up until the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and the reactionary orthodox 
"revolution" in Iran, Fard carried on trade in carpets and other well-known Afghan 
exports. When history forced him to return to America in 1978, he was able to 
launder his savings by purchasing about 200 acres of land in the New Jersey 
Pine Barrens. Around the turn of the decade he moved into an old rod & gun club 
on the property along with several runaways from Paramus, New Jersey, and an 
anarchist lesbian couple from Brooklyn, and founded the Moorish Science 


Through the early-to-mid-'80s the commune's fortunes fluctuated 
(sometimes nearly flickering out). Fard self-published a series of Xeroxed 
"Visionary Recitals" in which he attempted a synthesis of heretical and 
antinomian spirituality, post-Situationist politics, and chaos science. After the 
Crash, a number of destitute Moors and sympathizers began turning up at the 
Ashram seeking refuge. Among them were two young chaos scientists recently 
fired from Princeton (on a charge of "seditious nonsense"), a brother and sister, 
Frank and Althea Dobbs. 

The Dobbs twins spent their early childhood on a UFO-cult commune in 
rural Texas, founded by their father, a retired insurance salesman who was 
murdered by rogue disciples during a revival in California. One might say that the 
siblings had a head start in chaos — and the Ashram's modus vivendi suited 
them admirably. (The Pine Barrens have often been called "a perfect place for a 
UFO landing.") They settled into an old Airstream trailer and constructed a crude 
laboratory in a rebuilt barn hidden deep in the Pines. Illegal sources of income 
were available from agricultural projects, and the amorphous community took 
shape around the startling breakthroughs made by the Dobbs twins during the 
years around the end of the decade. 

As undergraduates at the University of Texas the siblings had produced a 
series of equations which, they felt certain, contained the seeds of a new science 
they called "cognitive chaos." Their dismissal from Princeton followed their 
attempt to submit these theorems, along with a theoretical/philosophical system 
built upon them, as a joint PhD thesis. 

On the assumption that brain activity can be modeled as a "fractal 
universe," an outre topology interfacing with both random and determined forces, 
the twins' theorems showed that consciousness itself could be presented as a 
set of "strange attractors" (or "patterns of chaos") around which specific neuronal 
activity would organize itself. By a bizarre synthesis of mandelbrot and Cantor, 
they "solved the problem" of n-dimensional attractors, many of which they were 
able to generate on Princeton's powerful computers before their hasty departure. 
While realizing the ultimately indeterminate nature of these "mind maps," they felt 
that by attaining a thorough (non-intuitive and intuitive) grasp of the actual 
shapes of the attractors, one could "ride with chaos" somewhat as a "lucid 
dreamer" learns to contain and direct the process of REM sleep. Their aborted 
thesis suggested a boggling array of benefits which might accrue from such links 
between cybernetic processes and awareness itself, including the exploration of 
the brain's unused capacities, awareness of the morphogentic field and thus 
conscious control of autonomic functions, mind-directed repair of tissue at the 
cellular/genetic level (control over most diseases and the aging process), and 

even a direct perception of the Heisenbergian behavior of matter (a process they 
called "surfing the wave function"). Their thesis advisor told them that even the 
most modest of these proposals would suffice for their expungement from the 
Graduate Faculty — and if the whole concept (including theorems) were not such 
obvious lunacy, he would have reported them to the FBI as well. 

Two more scientists — already residents of Ong's Hat — joined with Fard 
and the twins in founding the Institute of Chaos studies. By sheer "chance" their 
work provided the perfect counterparts to the Dobbs' research. Harold Acton, an 
expatriate British computer — (and reality — ) hacker, had already linked 64 
second-hand personal computers into a vast ad-hoc system based on his own / 
Ching oriented speculations. And Martine Kallikak, a native of the Barrens from 
nearby Chatsworth, had set up a machine shop. 

Ironically, Marline's ancestors once provided guinea pigs for a notorious 
study in eugenics carried out in the 1920s at the Vineland NJ State Home for the 
Insane. Published as a study in "heredity and feeblemindness," the work 
proclaimed poverty, non-ordinary sexuality, reluctance to hold a steady job, and 
enjoyment of intoxicants as proofs of genetic decay — and thus made a lasting 
contribution to the legend of bizarre and lovecraftian Piney backwoods people, 
incestuous hermits of the bogs. Martine had long since proven herself a 
bricoleuse, electronics buff and back-lot inventor of great genius and artistry. 
With the arrival of the Dobbs twins, she discovered her true 'metief in the 
realization of various devices for the implementation of their proposed 

The synergy level at the ICS exceeded all expectations. Contacts with other 
underground experts in various related fields were maintained by "black modem" 
as well as personal visits to the Ashram. The spiritual rhythms permeating the 
place proved ideal: periods of dazed lazy contemplation and applied hedonics 
alternating with "peak" bursts of self-overcoming activity and focused attention. 
The hodgepodge of "Moorish Science" (Tantra, sufism, Ismaili esotericism, 
alchemy and psychopharmacology, bio-feedback and "brain machine" meditation 
techniques, etc.) seemed to harmonize in unexpectedly fruitful ways with the 
"pure" science of the ICS. 

Under these conditions progress proved amazingly swift, stunning even the 
Institutes founders. Within a year major advances had been made in all the fields 
predicted by the equations. Somewhat more than three years after founding there 
occurred the breakthrough, the discovery which served to re-orient our entire 
project in a new direction: the Gate. 

But to explain the Gate we must retrace some step, and reveal exactly the 
purposes and goals of the ICS and Moorish Science Ashram — the curriculum 

upon which our activities are based, and which constitutes our raison d'etre. 
The Curriculum 

The original and still ultimate concern of our community is the enhancement 
of consciousness and consequent enlargement of mental, emotional and psychic 
activities. When the Ashram was founded by W. Fard the only means available 
for this work were the bagful of oriental and occultist meditational techniques he 
had learned in Central Asia, the first-generation "mind machines" developed 
during the '80s, and the resources of exotic pharmacology. 

With the first successes of the Dobbs twin's research, it became obvious to 
us that the spiritual knowledge of the Ashramites could be re-organized into a 
sort of preparatory course of training for workers in "Cognitive Chaos." This does 
not mean we surrendered our original purpose — attainment of non-ordinary 
consciousness — but simply that ICS work could be viewed as a prolongation 
and practical application of the Ashram work. The theorems allow us to re-define 
"self liberation" to include physical self-renewal and life-extension as well as the 
exploration of material reality which (we maintain) remains one with the reality of 
consciousness. In this project, the kind of awareness fostered by meditational 
techniques plays a part just as vital as the techne' of machines and the pure 
mentation of mathematics. 

In this scenario, the theorems — or at least a philosophical understanding 
of them — serve the purpose of an abstract icon for contemplation. Thus the 
theorems can be absorbed or englobed to the point where they become part of 
the inner structure (or "deep grammar") of the mind itself. 

In the first stage, intellectual comprehension of the theorems parallels 
spiritual work aimed at refining the faculty of attention. At the same time a kind of 
psychic anchor is constructed, a firm grounding in celebratory body-awareness. 
The erotic and sensual for us cannot be ritualized and aimed at anything "higher" 
than themselves — rather, they constitute the very ground on which our dance is 
performed, and the atmosphere or teste which permeates our whole endeavor. 

We symbolize this first course of work by the tripartite Sanskrit term 
satchitananda, "Being/consciousness/bliss" — the ontological level symbolized 
by the theorems, the psychological level by the meditation, the level of joy by our 
"tantrik" activity. 

The second course (which can begin at any time during or after the first) 
involves practical instruction in a variety of "hard sciences", especially 
evolutionary biology and genetics, brain physiology, Quantum Mechanics and 
computer hacking. We have no need for these disciplines in any academic sense 

— in fact our work has already overturned many existing paradigms in these 
fields and rendered the textbooks useless for our purposes — so we have 
tailored these courses specifically for relevance to our central concern, and 
jettisoned everything extraneous. 

At this point a Fellow of the ICS is prepared for work with the device we call 
the "egg." This consists of a modified sensory-deprivation chamber in which 
attention can be focused on a computer terminal and screen. Electrodes are 
taped to various body parts to provide physiological data which is fed into the 
computer. The explorer now dons a peculiar helmet, a highly sophisticated 
fourth-generation version of the early "brain machines," which can sonically 
stimulate brain cells either globally or locally and in various combinations, thus 
directing not only "brain waves" but also highly specific mental-physical functions. 
The helmet is also plugged into the computer and provides feedback in various 
programmed ways. 

The explorer now undertakes a series of exercises in which the theorems 
are used to generate graphic animations of the "strange attractors" which map 
various states of consciousness, setting up feedback loops between this 
"iconography" and the actual states themselves, which are in turn generated 
through the helmet simultaneously with their representation on the screen. 
Certain of these exercises involve the "alchemical" use of mind-active drugs, 
including new vasopressin derivatives, beta-endorphins and hallucinogens 
(usually in "threshold" dosages). Some of these tinctures are simply to provide 
active-relaxation and focused-attention states, others are specifically linked to the 
requirements of "Cognitive Chaos" research. 

Even in the earliest and crudest stages of the egg's development the ICS 
founders quickly realized that many of the Dobbs twins' PhD thesis predictions 
might be considered cautious or conservative. Enhanced control of autonomous 
body functions was attained even in the second-generation version, and the third 
provided a kind of bathysphere capable of "diving" down even to the cellular 
level. Certain unexpected side-effects included phenomena usually classified as 
paranormal. We knew we were not hallucinating all this, quite bluntly, because 
we obtained concrete and measurable results, not only in terms of "yogic powers" 
(such as suspended animation, "inner hear," lucid dreaming and the like) but also 
in observable benefits to health: rapid healing, remission of chronic conditions, 
absence of disease. 

At this point in development of the egg (third generation) the researchers 
attempted to "descend" (like Sci-Fi micronauts) to the Quantum level. 

Perhaps the thorniest of all Quantum paradoxes involves the "collapse of 
the wave function" — the state of Schroedinger's famous cat. When does a wave 
"become" a particle? At the moment of observation? If so, does this implicate 
human consciousness in the actual Q-structure of reality itself? By observing do 
we in effect "create?" The ICS team's ultimate dream was to "ride the wave" and 
actually experience (rather than merely observe) the function-collapse. Through 
"participation" in Q-events, it was hoped that the observer/observed duality could 
be overcome or evaded. 

This hope was based on rather "orthodox" Copenhagian interpretations of 
Quantum reality. After some months of in-tensive work, however, no one had 
experienced the sought-for and expected "moment"... each wave seemed to flow 
as far as one cared to ride it, like some perfect surfer's curl extending to infinity. 
We began to suspect that the answer to the question "when?" might be "never!" 

This contingency had been described rigorously in only one interpretation of 
Q-reality, that of J. Wheeler — who proved that the wave function need never 
collapse provided that every Q-event gives rise to an "alternating world" (the Cat 
is both alive and dead). 

To settle this question a fourth generation of the egg was evolved and 
tested, while simultaneously a burst of research was carried out in the abstruse 
areas of "Hillbert space" and the topology of n-dimensional geometry, on the 
intuitive assumptions that new "attractors" could thereby be generated and used 
to visualize or "grok" the transitions between alternate universes. 

Again the ICS triumphed... although the immediate success of the fourth- 
generation egg provoked a moment of fear and panic unmatched in the whole 
history of "Cognitive Chaos." 

The first run-through of the "Cat" program was undertaken by a young staff- 
member of great brilliance (one of the original Paramus runaways) whose 
nickname happened to be Kit — and it happened to take place on the Spring 
Equinox. At the precise moment the heavens changed gears, so to speak, the 
entire egg vanished from the laboratory. 

Consternation would be a mild term for what ensued. For about seven 
minutes the entire ICS lost its collective cool. At that point however the egg 
reappeared with its passenger intact and beaming... like Alice's Cheshire Cat 
rather than Schroedinger's poor victim. 

He had succeeded in riding the wave to its "destination" — an alternate 
universe. He had observed it and — in his words — "memorized its address." 
Instinctively he felt that certain dimensional universes must act as "strange 

attractors" in their own right, and are thus far easier to access (more "probable") 
than others. In practical terms, he had not been dissolved but had found the way 
to a "universe next door." 

The Gateway had been opened. 

Where is Ong's Hat? 

According to Piney legend, the village of Ong's Hat was founded sometime 
in the 19th century when a man named Ong threw his hat up in the air, landed it 
in a tree and was unable to retrieve it (we like to think it vanished into another 
world). By the 1920s all traces of settlement other than a few crumbling chimneys 
had faded away. But the name appealed so much to cartographers that some of 
them retained it — a dot representing nothing in the midst of the most isolated flat 
dark scrub-pines and sandy creeks in all the vast, empty and perhaps haunted 

W. Fard's acreage lies in the invisible suburbs of this invisible town, of 
which we are the sole inhabitants. You can find it easily on old survey maps, 
even trace out the the old dirt road leading into the bogs where a little square 
represents the decrepit "Ong's Hat Rod & Gun Club," original residence. 
However, you might discover that finding the ICS itself is not so simple. 

If you compare your old survey map with the very latest, you will note that 
our area lies perilously close to the region infamous in recent years, the South 
Jersey Nuclear Waste Dump near Fort Dix. The "accident" that occurred there 
has made the Barrens even more empty and unpopular, as any hard-core Pineys 
fled the pollution melting into the state's last untouched wilderness. The 
electrified fence shutting off the deadly zone runs less than a mile above our 

The Accident occurred while we were in the first stages of developing the 
fourth-generation egg, the Gate. At the time we had no idea of its full potential. 
However all of us, except for the very youngest (who were evacuated), had by 
then been trained in elementary self-directed generation. A few tests proved that 
with care and effort we could resist at least the initial onslaught of radiation 
sickness. We decided to stick it out, at least until "the authorities" (rather than the 
dump) proved too hot to endure. 

Once the Gate was discovered, we realized the situation had been saved. 
The opening and actual interdimensional travel, can only be effected by a fully 
trained "cognitive chaote;" so the first priority was to complete the course for all 
our members. A technique for "carrying" young children was developed (it seems 
not to work for adult "non-initiates"), and it was discovered that all inanimate 

matter within the egg is also carried across with the operator. 

Little by little we carted our entire establishment (including most of the 
buildings) across the topological abyss. Unlike Baudelaire who pleaded, 
"Anywhere! — so long as out of this world!" we knew where we were going. 
Ong's Hat has indeed vanished from New Jersey, except for the hidden 
laboratory deep in the backwoods where the gate "exists." 

On the other side of the Gate we found a Pine Barrens similar to ours but in 
a world which apparently never developed human life. Of course we have since 
visited a number of other worlds, but we decided to colonize this one, our first 
Newfoundland. We still live in the same scattering of weather-gray shacks, 
Airstream trailers, recycled chicken coops, and mail-order yurts, only a bit more 
spread out — and considerably more relaxed. We're still dependent on your 
world for many things — from coffee to books to computers — and in fact we 
have no inclination of cutting ourselves off like anchorites and merely scampering 
into a dreamworld. We intend to spread the word. 

The colonization of new worlds — even an infinity of them — can never act 
as a panacea for the ills of Consensus Reality — only as a palliative. We have 
always taken our diseases with us to each new frontier... everywhere we go we 
exterminate aborigines and battle with our weapons of law and order against the 
chaos of reality. 

But this time, we believe, the affair will go differently — because this time 
the journey outward can only be made simultaneously with the journey inward- 
and because this bootstrap-trick can only be attained by a consciousness which, 
to a significant degree, has overcome itself, liberated itself from self-sickness-and 
"realized itself." 

Not that we think ourselves saints, or try to behave morally, or imagine 
ourselves a super-race, absolved from good and evil. Simply, we like to consider 
ourselves awake when we're awake, sleeping when we sleep. We enjoy good 
health. We have learned that desire demands the other just as it demands the 
self. We see no end to growth while life lasts, no cessation of unfolding, of 
continual outpouring of form from chaos. We're moving on, nomads or monads of 
the dimensions. Sometimes we feel almost satisfied... at other times, terrified. 

Meanwhile our agents of chaos remain behind to set up ICS courses, 
distribute Moorish Orthodox literature (a major mask for our propaganda) to 
subvert and evade our enemies... We haven't spoken yet of our enemies. Indeed 
there remains much we have not said. This text, disguised as a sort of New Age 
vacation brochure, must fall silent at this point, satisfied that it has embedded 
within itself enough clues for its intended readers (who are already halfway to 

Ong's hat in any case) but not enough for those with little faith to follow. 


Advances in Skin Science: Quantum Tantra 

An Interview with Nick Herbert by Joseph Matheny 

"It's always gooiest before it solidifies" 
~ Beverly's Ovation, Beverly Rubik Ph.D 

"Quantum Tantra is not just another way to get high using common objects 
you can find around the house... Caution: Practising Q.T. before you understand 
Bell's Theorem of interconnectveness is like walking into the Amazon jungle 
without a map." 

~ Alternate Dimensions, Jbir ibn Hayyan 

Journal entries 
October 13, 1992 

I finally get a line on INCUNABULA. Following a lead from a culture- 
jamming club in San Francisco, I arrive in the small New Jersey town of Ong's 
Hat. The address that I have for INCUNABULA is a P.O. Box. The local 
postmaster/general store operator was very helpful. Almost too helpful! He told 
me that Cranston and INCUNABULA books had fled the area one night about a 
month ago. I gained access to Cranston's P.O. box key while the owner had his 
back turned and returned later to examine the contents. All I found inside were 
overdraft notices from his bank and some solicitations from a church of geniuses 
in Dallas, Texas or some such nonsense. Another dead end. 

October 14, 1992 

I arrive in New York City, get a room, restock supplies and think. I call New 
Jersey information to get the phone number for the Ong's Hat general store and 
post office so I can ask the postmaster a few more questions. I am told by the 
inbred boob on the other end of the line that there is no such town listed in New 
Jersey, and after a long and heated debate, we terminate the phone call by 
mutually insulting each other's gene pool. 

God, I hate the phone company. 

October 16, 1992 

Two days (and two bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label) later, I finally get 

a lead on one of the most intriguing authors listed in the INCUNABULA 
catalogue, Nick Herbert, author of Quantum Reality, Faster Than Light: 
Superluminal Loopholes in Physics, and of course, the legendary Alternate 
Dimensions. Herbert was a former SDI scientist turned renegade researcher. His 
past areas of renegade research involved pleasure dome technologies, Quantum 
Tantra (the Egg Yoke method), Time and Dimensional travel theories, and 
gelatinous substances. 

I'll give you a little background on Alternate Dimensions (A.D.). It was 
written in 1989 by Herbert, but was suppressed by the publisher, Harper & Row, 
for unexplained reasons in 1990 (see INCUNABULA & INCUNABULA 3). 

INCUNABULA was offering bound, uncorrected galley copies for $100.00 
each, or at least they were, until Cranston disappeared with the whole kit-n- 
kaboodle. In A.D., it seems that Herbert gave away the inner secrets of a Tantric- 
dimensional travel cult based in northern California. Using techniques that 
combined Herbert's own theory of Quantum Tantra, and hardware technology, 
consisting of an egg-shaped craft of some sort, members of the cult were able to 
penetrate into other dimensions. There were also intense visualization 
techniques, and Tantric-Egg-Yoke postures involved, but the Xerox copy I had 
purchased from MediaKaos seemed to be missing some of the key technical 

Herbert was now hiding out in the backwater town of Boulder Creek, CA, 
deep in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains. I hopped aboard a plane to San 
Jose, and drove a rental car up to Boulder Creek. About a mile away from 
Herbert's farm house, I called him on my cellular phone. Surprisingly enough, 
Herbert was very cordial, and agreed to meet me in town for lunch and 
conversation. He suggested Adelita's Mexican Cantina, gave me directions, and 
promised to meet me there in an hour. I drove into town and went over my notes 
while I waited. 

About an hour later, Dr. Herbert appeared in the parking lot driving a electric 
Stutz Bearcat kit car. I recognized him instantly from his jacket photos, even with 
the recently acquired beard. Was he attempting to change his appearance? Was 
he preparing to flee, like Cranston had 30 days ago? I casually reached into my 
jacket and activated my pocket recorder. I waved him over to my table, and after 
shaking hands we settled down to a lunch of Dos Equis and Gorditas. 

"Okay," I said, after some pleasantries about the weather, "let's start with 
the obvious question: What is Quantum Tantra?" 

"Well, psychology has used a lot of classic metaphors to explain the mind, 
like the hydraulic metaphor of urges building up, and even when repressed, 

they'll find some way to spurt out to the surface. We're told that releasing your 
repressions will relieve the pressure, and you'll become healthy. That's a very 
classical metaphor. Now we have this marvelous new way of thinking called 
quantum mechanics, and it seems right to use these metaphors to explain human 
behavior. So, what's the most interesting human behavior of all? Sexual, of 
course. That's the idea, to use quantum mechanical metaphors to explore 
sexuality, to look at it through the lens of quantum physics. I would consider Q.T. 
successful if we could find new things to do that never would have been thought, 
of using the old metaphors. I mean, of course, pleasant things (laughter). The 
core idea of Q.T. stems from Heisenberg's statement that "atoms are not things." 
So, Q.T. naturally extrapolated that statement into "well then people are not 
things, either." People are not things in the same way that atoms are not things." 

"What are things?" I asked 

"Things are entities that have attributes, whether you look at them or not. 
They're big, they're solid and such. You can list their attributes. Non-things, or 
Quantum objects, like atoms or molecules, don't have attributes. They are 
basically clusters of oscillating possibilities, the possibilities not even being well- 
defined. It might reward us to look that way at people, as oscillating possibilities." 

He took a long draw off his Dos Equis, and signaled the waiter for another. 

"So, try and think of what the essence of quantum theory is," he continued. 
"Three adjectives: randomness, thinglessness, and interconectiveness. 
Randomness I associate with the spontaneity that is within people. Uncertainty is 
the very essence of romance. It's what you don't know that intrigues you." 

"Now, thinglessness is even more renunciatory," he went on. "The notion of 
treating people like possibilities rather than fixed structures is a healthy one, I 

"Interconnectiveness is the most fantastic feature of Q.T. Things are 
connected in the quantum world in such a way that only did we not think of it 
before the discovery of quantum mechanics, but I don't think we could have 
thought this way at all. It's so strange. The terrestrial belief system that comes 
the closest to quantum connectiveness is Voodoo." 

"Sympathetic magick?" I queried. This was getting good. 

"Yes, sympathetic magick," he replied. 

"Of course, the Voodoo conception is naive in comparison to Q.T.'s 
connectiveness. In Voodoo, you do something like burn someone's hair to give 

them a headache. The Quantum connection isn't that crude. It has more to do 
with timing. In the Quantum world, you burn someone's hair, and maybe they 
miss an appointment. The Newtonian world view emphasized control over the 
world, whereas, the Quantum world view doesn't emphasize control so much as 
timing. You could say that the Newtonian view emphasized force, where the 
Quantum world emphasizes finesse." 

"One analogy is ordinary steerable dish radar versus phased array 
antennae. Steerable dish physically moves the whole antenna structure. In the 
phased array antennae, you have a whole array that are all fixed. None of them 
move, but by changing the timing on these antennae, you get a virtual antenna 
that's pointed in any direction. That's an example of finesse, rather than force. 
Quantum connection is like that. It is set up like Voodoo by having something that 
the other person has interacted with, some sympathetic object." 

"But what does this have to do with sex?" I asked. 

Herbert was quick to answer. "I'm getting to that. In Q.T., the Tantra part 
has to do with sex as well as religion. Every religion has their symbol. The 
Christians have the cross, Islam has the crescent and star, the Pagans have the 
pentagram, the wheel for Buddhism, and so forth. Q.T. has it's symbols, also. 
One of them is this fork." 

He picked up a salsa-encrusted fork, and stared at it rapturously. 

"It reminds us to see the world as possibilities," he continued. "In the 
Newtonian world, starting from now, only one thing could happen. Q.T. sees the 
future as open possibilities, like the tines of this fork. Actually, if this fork were 
fuzzy, like Man Ray's fuzzy cup and spoon..." 

I was beginning to understand. That or the Dos Equis was kicking in. I felt 

"So the borders would not quite be defined..." I replied. 

"Yes," he said, eyes twinkling in the candlelight. "The possibilities are 
defined only by your intentions, by how you construe the moment. Quantum 
possibilities are not quite as defined as dice possibilities even. With a die, only 
one of six numbers will come up, whereas with Quantum possibilities, it depends 
on how you look at the moment, and that again, is part of thinglessness. All of 
these elements have resonances in popular literature. Like the talk of the 
inexplicable chemistry that occurs between two people, or this notion of 'it's 
bigger than both of us'. The type of connectivity that's possible in quantum theory 
allows two connected entities to be in indefinite states , but allows the couple 

itself to be in a definite state! The mathematics on this are clear. As Heisenberg 
said, 'quantum theory has changed our way of thinking completely,' and it's 
changed in such a way that it didn't dissolve into some unclear fuzzy fog but into 
this absolute clarity of a new mathematics. Now, the mathematics describes the 
fog in a very precise way. So, it's this kind of very precise unclarity." 

"You're talking like a lot of mystics I know!" I scoffed. 

He replied laughing, "Except, this is found in ordinary physics! This is stuff 
that was discovered 75 years ago. It's not new stuff at all. It's only now beginning 
to permeate popular culture. So, we have this system where each member of the 
pair, say, a man and a woman, or a man and a man, or a woman and a woman, 
or whatever, are defined. They've gotten themselves into a state where their 
individualities are not as clear, but the couple itself as an entity, is better defined 
than the individual members of the set. We use symbols, like the fork, to remind 
ourselves of these things, because the human mind is not yet used to thinking in 

"Our data rate is miniscule compared to say, television data rates equivalent 
to megabits per second, or telephones, which are equivalent to thousands of 
kilobits per second. Morse code is about 1 0 bits per second, and that's pretty 
close to our attention rate! I mean, when we're not on robot, when we do come to 
attention, we don't bring much to this moment in terms of quantity. It's been 
estimated at about 16 bits a second. So, people need simple graphic symbols, 
like the fork, or the cross, or the crescent, to remind themselves that they're 
Moslems, or whatever. So, one symbol I've invented to epitomize Randomness, 
Thinglessness and Interconnectiveness is the trinity of White, Hot and Sticky. 
White corresponds to Thinglessness, Hot to Randomness, and Sticky to 
Interconnectiveness. By white, I mean like white light, all the colors together, all 
human sexual potentials. Thinglessness is wrought with possibilities. As David 
Finklestein, the inventor of quantum logic said, 'We are all white light, in the 
sense that we are all possibilities.' Hot has to do with newness, spontaneity that 
we can bring to the moment to remind us that the moment can be ever new. 
That's a hard thing to live up to sexually, and otherwise. Sticky, of course, typifies 
the new kind connectiveness. A metaphor for achieving stickyness are objects 
that you break in two and each partner keeps one half. The fracture is unique, 
that I will only match one other person in the whole world! Quantum objects help 
to enhance this two-person white, hot, sticky state. And music is the connection 
in this technology." 

"Why music?" I asked. 

"Because, these possibilities are vibratory," he answered. "In the physical 
world, every atom, or possibility is vibrating at a certain frequency. The higher the 

energy level, the higher the frequency or pitch of the vibrations. We can't hear, 
smell, see, or taste any of these vibrations except indirectly. I'm doing more 
research with solid state technology, sound sequences." 

"Ok, now what about Alternate Dimensions, the egg craft, the travel cults, 
Tantric-Yoke techniques, I mean, what about all this stuff!" I finally blurted, unable 
to hold back any longer. 

"Young man, I have no idea what you're talking about. All I can say is there 
are some questions that you should not ask directly, and some answers that may 
come as a result of finesse over force." 

"This interview is now concluded." 

Incunabula 3.0 

Joseph Matheny Interviews the Elusive Emory Cranston 
Journal entry 1/23/94 

After interviewing Nick Herbert and being stuck with the check for lunch, I 
discovered that Mr. Herbert had scribbled a phone number on the back of the 
receipt before leaving. It was a New Jersey exchange. I recognized it almost 
instantly, and underneath it, the letters E.C. were scrawled. Finally, a lead! This 
had to be the phone number for none other than Emory Cranston, proprietor of 
INCUNABULA books. So, Cranston was still on Earth Prime, and accessible by 
phone. I went back to my motel room and dialed the number. 


EC: Hello? 

JM: Hi, is this Emory Cranston? 
EC: Who wants to know? 

JM: My name is Joseph Matheny. I got your phone number from Nick 
Herbert. I'm a reporter investigating the Ong's Hat story, and I thought you might 
give me some insight into where you came across all the material in 
INCUNABULA. I got the catalogue from a group of Culture Hackers in San 


Is this Emory Cranston? 

EC: Who did you say you were again? 

JM: A freelance investigative reporter doing a story on the travel cults and 
the Ong's Hat Institute. 

EC: And who gave you this phone number? 

JM: Nick Herbert. I was trying to find out where INCUNABULA is located 


EC: (Audible sigh on other end of line) Oh, well. At least he could have 
warned me. But it doesn't really matter... after all, there's no "here" here anyway, 
so I won't be here tomorrow. Does that answer your first question? 

JM: You mean INCUNABULA is located in "virtual space"? 

EC: As far as you're concerned, yes. 

JM: Well, in the introduction to the INCUNABULA catalogue, you stated that 
you had uncovered "... a conspiracy so deep that no other researcher has yet 
become aware of it (outside of certain intelligence circles, needless to say) ..." Is 
that still true? Why hasn't this become a more popular conspiracy theory? How 
did you come across this information? 

EC: No, it's no longer true. Since I published the catalogue, everything has 
changed. Everything! And look, this is no longer a "theory." I admit, when I first 
published, I really didn't know jack-shit about anything. Yes, I was a "conspiracy 
theorist", how pathetic! Let me ask you, what kind of epistemological black hole... 
I mean, if the conspiratoligists "know" anything it wouldn't be a "theory" anymore, 
would it? It'd be "fact." Who killed Kennedy? Where are the UFOs from? They 
don't "know", do they? 

JM: You have answers to these questions? 

EC: Pal, I've got lots of answers! Alternative answers. Get it? But that's not 
important. You ask why "my theory" isn't better known or more "popular"? Why 
aren't they discussing it at UFO conferences, eh? Why isn't it on TV? Well, 
there's an easy answer to that. The truth is never popular, and it's never seen on 
TV! You know in your heart I'm right about this don't you? If you think about 
what's really important to you, you'll realize it's not popular and it's never been 
seen on TV (or if it has... well then I'm sorry for you). It's true, when I first came 
across the information... I was living in Chatsworth, in the Pine Barrens, near 
Ong's Hat... I was doing a catalogue... Tesla, Reich, Bioshamanics, Hollow Earth, 
crop circles, Mae Brussell... that sort of thing. Strange stories were circulating 
about the Institute out at Ong's Hat. They wouldn't talk to me. Then they 
disappeared. That's when I got "really" interested and began collecting the 
literature. A few years later, I published the catalogue to see if they'd get in touch 
with me. I wanted to flush them out. I wanted to know. 

JM: So what happened? 

EC: Let's just say I succeeded in stirring the shit beyond my wildest 
expectations. You know, most conspiratologists would die of shock if they 
suddenly received proof that their theories were real. You'll notice that not one 
UFO "expert" has ever been abducted. And not one Kennedy-Conspiracy nut has 
ever been assassinated. These things happen to other people, not to Conspiracy 
Theorists, right? Well, let's just say... that's what I mean when I say... this isn't a 
"theory" anymore. 

JM: Do you feel endangered in anyway, being so outspoken about info that 
has obviously gotten some people killed? How do you deal with the danger? 
What precautions have you taken? Why are you talking to me for example? 

EC: Why am I talking to you? There are reasons... reasons you don't really 
need to know. Just go ahead and do what ever you intend to do. Publish. But be 
careful. At this point, the cat's out of the bag, as Alice Schroedinger's would say 
(laughs). I doubt they... I don't think anyone would bother anymore... it's gone so 
far beyond that. Now, as to my state of savvy when I published the 
INCUNABULA catalogue... you know how conspiracy buffs like to pretend they're 
running a great risk... that hidden forces will try to silence them, blah blah. So buy 
my stuff now, before it's too late, etc., etc. Not one of them really believes it. I 
didn't believe it. I was extremely fortunate. The catalogue fell into the right 
hands... just about five minutes before it fell into the wrong hands. I was 
contacted. I was protected. Literally whisked away. In the nick of time. Next 
question, please. 

JM: But... 

EC: No no no. Read the catalogue. Think about it. Chances are you'll figure 
it out. You were smart enough to find this phone number, after all. That's why I'm 
talking to you. Next question. 

JM: Ok. How many books have you sold? How many people do you think 
you've convinced? 

EC: I'm not really running the catalogue anymore. It can't be suppressed-it's 
out there, it's circulating. But I'm not selling the books now. Those who need the 
books, get the books. I don't need the money, after all. Those who can really 
read the catalogue and figure out the next step... well, not everything in 
INCUNABULA is accurate, of course. But the clues are there. Follow the garden 
of forking paths. Ah, how many, you ask? I can tell you exactly. The answer is 
precisely 16 people have followed the thread so far. We're aware of another 
dozen or so who are working on it. At a certain point in their researches they'll be 
helped... if possible. One may blunder, you see. Some tracks lead to the 
Minotaur, know what I mean? And some of those dozen or so are working for the 

wrong people. They won't be helped. 

JM: How did you obtain the more "esoteric" material, like Alternate 
Dimensions by "Jabir ibn Hayaan" aka Nick Herbert? 

EC: Oh, Alternate Dimensions can hardly be called one of the more 
"esoteric" titles in the list. After all, Herbert was still a Theorist when he wrote it. 
The book is actually wrong on a number of points, though quite brilliant as an 
approach. The fact is, I tracked down Dr. Herbert when I was assembling the 
catalogue. I'd read his other work and realized he must be heading in the right 
direction. At first he wouldn't talk to me at all. He suspected I was an agent of 
whatever Shadowy Forces were trying to suppress the book and succeeding. 
From various angry remarks he dropped I was able to piece together the story. 
His manuscript and files had been stolen right out of his house, and the 
publishers refused to return their copies or any of the page proofs. They were 
stonewalling him. So I... well, I stole it. 

JM: What? 

EC: I went to the publisher. I had a very strong intuition as to which group 
was blocking publication. I posed as an agent of that group. Apparently I was 
correct, and it seems I knew enough to convince the publisher of my bona fides 
so to speak. He was so glad to hand over the book you'd've thought it was a 
bomb! Later he was fired. I suppose he's lucky to be alive, the schmuck. I copied 
the proofs and returned the originals to Dr. Herbert. He agreed to let me list it. 
After all, it was the only way his work was ever going to be distributed. Of course 
it's a moot point now. I mean, the book is seriously out-of-date and there's not 
going to be a revised edition. 

JM: Well, it's obvious that you've been in contact with some of the travel 
cult members. Can you tell me who? 

EC: That would be telling. 

JM: Aw, come on! This is not turning out to be much of an interview. 

EC: Nonsense, young man. What I'm giving you is gold, pure gold. All right, 
then... would it surprise you to hear that you've already met a fair number of "cult 
members"? The heiress in the Berkeley Hills who knows all about Tarantula 
venom? That Irish humorist who lives in James Joyce's Martello tower in Howth, 
outside Dublin? The aging psychedelic guru... the so called Persian Anarchist... 
the so called Satanic rock-star... the Montana cowboy-secret-agent-hacker... the 
cyberpunk Sci-Fi Surrealist... 

JM: No! They would've told me... 
EC: Guess again. 

JM: I believe you're... you're disinforming me here, Mr. Cranston. 
EC: Check it out. 
JM: I will. 

EC: Do. Next question. 

JM: Urn, ok. Uh... what new information have you come across since the 
catalogue was published? What new developments have there been in this 
"science" of travel? 

EC: I can't really tell you that. "Cult member" means nothing now. All the 
players know who the other players are. I'm not giving anything away. But... new 
developments on the tech end? No. Certain people could gain an edge just from 
a vague description... well, I can tell you a few things. A paper came out right 
after my catalogue, so it's not listed, but everyone knows about it by now. It's by 
Suhrawardi. It's called Not the Egg, the Joke, a bad pun on yoga. Eggless travel 
has become S.O.P. for advanced Travellers. Some permanent doorways have 
been constructed which work even for non-initiates, sort of like The Lion, the 
Witch, and the Wardrobe. They're very nicely camouflaged. Fu Manchu couldn't 
do better. And, of course, they're guarded. 

JM: Raiders of the Lost Ark... 

EC: Eh? Oh yes... booby trapped. Definitely. It's a zero-sum game I'm 
afraid. Either you're on the bus or you're not on the bus. The Gateways... that's 
what we call them. The Gateways have to be there for those few who, shall we 
say, solve the catalogue without any help from any group. People that smart do 
exist — I have to admit I wasn't one of them! I compiled the catalogue and even I 
didn't "get it" ! But people who are capable of such... such quantum jujitsu, are 
people we need. For them the Gateways aren't guarded, but protected. As for the 
others who might somehow locate the transnational nexi... well, you know who I 

JM: No, who? 

EC: The Tri-Lateral Commission! Read the catalogue! Figure it out! Who 
knows? Maybe you'll need to know one of these days. 

JM: Is the secret government still active in this area, and if so what do they 
hope to achieve? 

EC: Are you implying that because a "liberal" regime has taken over from a 
"conservative" regime that you people are free of "secret government"? Haven't 
you heard of the present leader's fascination with "virtual reality"? Where do you 
suppose power comes from, an "Invisible College" of "llluminati"? (I use the terms 
metaphorically, of course.) Nothing has changed... only gotten hotter. In 
Baghdad... no, forget I said that. Scratch that. Dump the whole file. Next? 

JM: Hmmmm, ok. Have you been to Earth2 or any of the other "worlds" and 
is this where you've been hiding? 

EC: Well, no harm in telling you I suppose. Yes, in fact I've been spending 
quite a lot of time in Java2. It's not even a security thing anymore, really. Or not 
always. The truth is that, well, you can't possibly imagine a whole world for a 
Utopia, complete with flora, fauna, picturesque ruins, and maybe, oh, ten people 
per square continent. Fresh air ! That alone is enough to... a universe next door, 
let's go! (was it e.e.cummings who said that?) 

JM: And if that one gets too crowded? 

EC: Precisely. A number of Davy Crockett types have already "moved on" 
where they can't see the smoke of their neighbors fires, to put it mildly. We have 
no idea of the extent of the Series it may be "infinite" for all practical (or 
impractical) purposes. 

JM: Why not just tell everybody, then? 

EC: Would you want to be responsible for infecting the halls of infinity with, 
say the L.A. Police? Do you think the Pentagon deserves infinity? And what if it 
isn't infinite, etcetera? 

JM: Who were the occupants of Java2, that left behind the ruins? 

EC: Well, that's the biggest news of all really. We found them — or rather 
they've found us. They claim to be an alternative evolutionary branch of Homo 
Sapiens through H. Javanensis and H. Neanderthalensis. They look like they're 
descended from lemurs rather than chimps, like us. A bit like the characters from 
Javanese shadow puppet plays. They discovered how to travel long ago, in a 
time we might think of as the time of Atlantis or Mu (only we would be wrong.) It's 
all rather Lovecraftian in as much as they claim to be responsible for certain 
aspects of human culture, aspects which are uncanny but not maleficent. Not 
only in Java — the Tuatha de Danaan of Ireland who vanished "underground", 

and other "faery" and "hollow earth" clues... the whole idea of another physical 
world, not a heaven or hell, but a Magickal universe next door... anyway, we were 
wrong about them travelling in time, either fast forward or backward. They simply 
set out to explore the Series. They think it may be endless, and some decided to 
return "home" to Java2. They're a completely non-hierarchic segmentary society, 
like primitive hunter/gatherers, but with a highly evolved culture. A lot of Terrans 
have completely "converted" to their way of life, even their language. You should 
hear their music! The returnees brought back some of their artifacts and... well, 
"furniture," I guess you'd call it. Their ancestors built a city during a "High 
Civilization" period in their history, but they rejected hard technology for cognitive 
sciences long ago. Our travel techniques are crude by comparison and lacking 
their whole mythopoetic value system. We're planning soon to release certain 
archival material here in Earth Prime, certain bits of art and music which we 
expect to act in a viral fashion to produce profound paradigm shifts. The 
traveller's culture is now, I believe, our most effective "weapon". 

JM: So what's your bottom line — is this all co-creative or what? 

EC: A smartass question. 

JM: No, really. 

EC: Who can say? What about our own cosmic locale, our own provincial 
reality? You can't make it go away by ceasing to believe in it. "Give me a place to 
stand and I'll move the world" but there is no noplace-place, no "outside" vantage 
point, from which to challenge consensus reality. "Magick" is notoriously difficult 
and vague, and terribly incremental — the Utopian imagination seems futile. 
Reforms of consciousness appear to fail, unless they implement the emergence 
of new ruling classes or elites. "Religion" is a perfect case in point. But was 
religion the cause of "civilization" or the effect? Now... however, you see... it's a 
whole new game. There is an "outside" now, maybe an infinite number of 
outsides, places to stand with a lever in one hand and a magic mushroom in the 
other. The dispossessed have always believed in a millennium, a magickal 
resistance, a heaven on earth, a world turned upside down. This is it. Well, time's 

JM: I had a million more questions. In fact... 

EC: This phone number and address will become inoperative. Don't call us, 
we'll call you. And don't worry. The Reality check is in the mail. 


(JM's note: the phone was indeed disconnected the next day, and the 

premises it was registered to vacated with no forwarding address left) 


by Joseph Matheny 

Many people have asked me over the years what I think this all is. So, I'm 
going to give you what I think in a nutshell. Or should I say Eggshell? What I think 
the Incunabula represents is an entrainment module for Quantum thinking. It is 
packed full of memes and concepts that do not yield up singular answers but 
rather lead to a form of Quantum logic that supersedes singular answers and the 
need for singular answers. There may not actually be aesecret plan for building 
an Egg and the Egg as a physical travel device may not even be the point. 
However, the Egg as a symbol \s all-important. I'm going to do the unthinkable 
here and refer you to a book. It is available for free on the Internet with a little 
hunting. That book is John Dee's MONAS HIEROGLYPHICA also called THE 
HIEROGLYPHIC MONAD. Find it, read it, do it now. I am sure my 
recommendation will once again go down as the ravings of the "Colonel Kurtz" of 
the Incunabula crowd, as I have already been called. So be it. 

I personally believe that humanity in its present form is not ready or capable 
of travel to other dimensions nor do I think we'd be welcome by many species 
that are. We still carry too much baggage. 

Looking back through the ages, one can clearly see that humankind is not 
the first nor will it be the last experiment in Gaia node consciousness. One only 
has to look around with clear and honest eyes to see that this present form 
(humankind) has clearly plateaued and has been skidding across the plateau for 
some time now. As is the rule with this described state, what sets in is entropy 

One must disentangle from the last traps, namely those of nostalgic 
romanticism and fear, and get on with the next step. Whether you or I personally 
want it to happen is of no consequence anyway now, is it? Why not be a 
disrupter to the predominant paradigm instead of just going along for the ride? 
Maybe by participating in the end we'll insure our inclusion in the new beginning. 

Humankind only holds the potential to explore other dimensions. It's not 
guaranteed. The information stream encrypted within the Incunabula is not for 
everyone and the laws of evolution would seem to support that. The first 
appearance of a mutational curve in a species represents 2% of the total 
population. Through attrition, the 2% which have mutated to be more adaptable 

to the changing environment eventually become the 1 00% and then another 2% 
pops up, rinse, repeat, ad infinitum. 

E volution=Change=Chaos 

If you're not sure what I mean by Chaos, study the nature of Chaos in 
fractals and the work of Ralph Abraham, especially his book Chaos, Gaia, Eros: 
A Chaos Pioneer Uncovers the Three Great Streams of History. Then, come 
back to that formula and I think you will see that I am not espousing riots in the 
streets (although that may be a symptom of the change) but rather a return to the 
primal matrix of creation, the Qabbalistic 0, the Formless Ocean. 

It would seem that our mission as agents of change is to prepare ourselves, 
our particular consciousness node, for... well, SOMETHING. Should you accept 
this mission, be aware that it is a long, hard and lonely road, since you are one of 
only 2% of the total and that is a low overall percentage. However, you can go to 
sleep each night knowing that you are facilitating the arousal of the new form, 
and looking around, you may have moments of clarity and say to yourself, "It's 
about time." 

I leave you now. 


Good luck. Will I see you "over there"? 

Joseph Matheny 

From somewhere deep in the Santa Cruz Mountains